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February 2017 - xAssets Announces Plans for Version 7

We are pleased to announced the forthcoming release of our Asset Management Software Version 7 later this year.

This represents a comprehensive rewrite of the successful Version 6 software and includes the following capabilities

  • Fast, slick and easy to use user interface
  • Using the latest web tech including single page applications
  • Massive performance and scalability increases
  • Support for all browsers including mobile devices
  • Very powerful, flexible and fast configuration toolset
  • Visual Basic style scripting language behind the web pages
  • Upgrade path for version 6 customers

The first release will be to our SDS service in June, with subsequent releases in order of Network Discovery, ITAM and SAM, and finally Fixed Asset Management

October 2015 - xAssets Remote API

xAssets has created a new Remote API which is intended to ease development for customers and developers needing to integrate, federate or otherwise link to xAssets in a hosted environment.

Although the xAssets API was already available for this kind of development, it required specific knowledge of SOAP and the API specifications, this client API wraps up the SOAP and WSDL calls so that developers simply call into a local .NET 4 DLL to issue web services commands. The interface is very simple with only four published methods to get and save data.

In addition, the remote API exposes a new programming language - xAssets Remote Scripting Language XRSL, which enables most integration requirements that would normally require an API program call to be developed without any Visual Basic or C# programming whatsoever. The language support scenarios such as API commands to get data, reading and writing from files, conditional processing and variables, HTTPGET from any web resource, and API commands to save data and run xAssets Transformations with parameters.

The API also supports Sql-to-Sql integration across the internet. Without exposing ports the technology can pull standard API requests and write the returned data into a local Sql Server database at the client end, allowing integration tools to access this data via simple cross-database Sql Statements. This means that no programming is required to pull data from file structures into each tool being integrated with where the tool only accepts Sql integration.

xAssets Remote API Flowchart
A typical flowchart of xAssets Remote API used for Sql to Sql integration across the web. This was done with 12 lines of script code.

This new technology is a substantial complement to our existing rapid application development framework and will facilitate much quicker development of integrations without having to have the xAssets database on the same network as the systems being integrated with.

October 2015 - xAssets Enterprise Version 6.3.68 Released

Version 6.3.68 is now released and includes the following changes

  • Integration with Insight License Manager (I:LA) is now part of the product
  • Data Entry - F9 will now auto fill a date field with todays date (and time if it is a datetime field)
  • IBM Serial Numbers are now parsed by the discovery loader to extract the actual serial number from the text
  • Additional processor capacity data fields are now pulled from Microsoft System Center 2012 (SCCM 2012)
  • New Virtual Host to Guest Reports have been added
  • Last boot-up time is now captured by Discovery
  • Improved ESX discovery and recognition
  • Software Recognition Updates
  • SNMP Recognition updates
  • xAssets Remote API and an associated scripting language

October 2015 : Andersen Tax Case Study Released

Andersen Tax required an ITAM solution for efficient generation of assets both manually and through third-party data source integration and customized notifications, reports and lifecycle processes.

Click here to visit the case study page

October 2015 - New Website Released

xAssets has redeveloped this website and it was released on 3rd October 2015. The site has been rewritten for a more modern appearance, and includes responsive mobile device support through Bootstrap, Visual Studio 2015 and the latest version of Microsoft.NET. The site also has integration to our hosted web service which customers will use in future to connect to xAssets web based services, and share some common library infrastructure with our major product release due mid 2016.

August 2015 : Saint Gobain Case Study Released

Saint-Gobain APAC implemented xAssets for SCCM to develop a system that offers full visibility of IT asset infrastructure at location, country and enterprise levels with each user having specific access levels.

Click here to visit the case study page

April 2015 - CIDC Reports for Microsoft Trueup Reporting

xAssets Network Discovery now includes the Microsoft Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC) Reports.

xAssets is the preferred tool for a number of Microsoft Large Account Resellers (LARs) to conduct enterprise network based audits to true up software licensing for large enterprise customers. We have implemented Microsoft CIDC Reports directly into our SDS service (Software Discovery Service), and also into our Network Discovery tool, enabling customers and partners to immediately access that data during audits.

xAssets executes over 600 audits per year and customers typically range in size from 500 to well over 20,000 PC endpoints. We recently completed a 12,500 node audit in just 10 days and the CIDC reports were instantly accessible to conclude the audit.

For more information on our Software Discovery Service, click here.

March 2015 - Support for Windows 10

xAssets Network Discovery has been fully tested with Windows 10 and is fully compatible with this version.

No upgrades are necessary, all versions implemented after September 2010 will discover Windows 10 correctly without needing an update (although some systems would need their software recognition updated - hosted customers and most local implementations are kept up to date automatically).

We also tested performance in discovering Windows 10. Discovery times for Windows 10 are similar to other Windows Versions, about 0.5 seconds for a clean machine, 4 seconds for a machine with a lot of software installed and ~2 years of history, and up to about 10 seconds for a "bloater" machine with hundreds of software titles installed.

July 2014 - Microsoft Certification Passed

xAssets Network Discovery has now passed the Microsoft Certified for Windows Server 2012 testing protocols.

Version 6.3.62 is now released with software recognition updates and performance improvements for customer sites with very large data volumes of tree structured reference data.

Microsoft Certified for Windows Server 2012

Feb 2014 - 6.3.61 released

xAssets has released version 6.3.61. Main benefits include:

  • Assets can now be represented on Map Overlays, and drilled down to through the location hierarchy via a map
  • Discovery can be configured to ignore nodes discovered in the last X days
  • The application can now read from POP email accounts directly into transformations
  • Transfer and Disposal lookups improved
  • Help Desk configuration capabilities extended
  • Customer Admin Users can now manage accounts on hosted plaforms
  • Scalability Improvements for Large Lookups
  • Presentation Layer Enhancement
  • Software Asset Management System reports and other features upgraded

May 2013 - Hosting Platform Changes

xAssets has upgraded its server presence at Rackspace to high end Dell Servers supporting our hosted SAAS customers.

Load performance, queries, imports and batch processing are generally improved by 50% to 500%.

May 2013 - 6.3.57 released

xAssets has released its new software version 6.3.57. Main benefits include:

  • A new Software Asset Management toolset
  • Performance and other improvements to the Network Discovery engine
  • SCCM 2012 Support
  • Improvements to the financials engine
  • Queries now support advanced filtering
  • Windows Server 2012 and Sql Server 2012 are now supported

September 2012 - Full Support for Windows 8 And Windows Server 2012

xAssets is pleased to announce full support for discovering the new Windows Desktop and Server Platforms - Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

xAssets Network Discovery correctly recognises these operating systems and automatically adds them to the Software database without the need for an xAssets Software upgrade or for a Recognition Data upgrade. Existing customers can expect their implementations of these operating systems to be picked up correctly by their current xAssets Network Discovery implementation for any versions back to 6.2.06 (released September 2009).

Support for discovering older operating systems back to Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.5 continues indefinitely.

xAssets is expecting to release major improvements to its Software Asset Management software later this year.

February 2012 - New Discovery Capabilities

xAssets is pleased to announce the introduction of new discovery technologies into our Network Discovery toolset.

  • ESX Discovery - ESX assets are now discovered and VMs are discovered as Child Assets
  • Hyper-V Discovery - Hyper-V assets are now discovered and VMs are discovered as Child Assets
  • Linux and Unix Discovery - We are removing the "beta" tag and our first production release of *UX Discovery will be available in March

This complements the technologies released mid 2011:

  • Credential Packs - Allow the storage of Credentials for any Discovery Technology
  • Cisco IP Phone Discovery - xAssets can quickly discover VOIP subnets and add asset records for each phone with make, model, serial, etc
  • SCCM integration

For more information, refer to our Network Discovery page here

June 2011 - xAssets Announces "xAssets for SCCM"

Red Bank, NJ March 22, 2011 - xAssets LLC announced today the availability of xAssets for SCCM, which is an adaptation of xAssets' IT Asset Management solution, that provides an out-of-the-box reporting solution for SCCM customers. The application facilitates the integration with other IT systems including Active Directory, Help Desks and other discovery tools, enabling IT professionals to develop a holistic view of the IT infrastructure in one easy to use browser based application. The software is scalable to meet the needs of the largest enterprises and is available as a cloud-based solution or as a traditional installed enterprise application.

For more information, read the PDF press release here

June 2011 - xAssets Network Discovery 6.3.35 - SCCM Integration and New Platform Coverage

xAssets is pleased to announce enhancements to its discovery product to include Cisco IP Phone Discovery, and also a new Linux, Unix and MAC discovery engine. Previously we discovered UX hardware and software through a third party discovery tool which needed deployment on each endpoint - now customers can discover Linux, Unix and MAC hardware and software with our new agentless discovery tool. Like the Windows Discovery tool, the Linux, Unix and MAC discovery engine takes just a few seconds on each endpoint and yet still discovers a comprehensive set of information for each asset.

This release incorporates discovery "credential packs" - allowing customers to store credentials on their local collection server such that "off domain" nodes, other domains, and UX based endpoints can be discovered using credentials stored within the customer's firewall (even on hosted implementations). This powerful feature enables very large and complex networks with multiple firewalls, multiple domains, off-domain IP assets and

SCCM integration has recently been improved and xAssets is now introducing a new product, available as a hosted service or locally installed, specifically designed for SCCM customers who need a robust and flexible reporting tool based on the data discovered by the SCCM agents. xAssets for SCCM is available from June 2011.

Click here to learn more about xAssets Network Discovery

Click here to learn more about xAssets for SCCM

March 2011 - Paragon Systems Teams with xAssets to offer Government IT Asset Management Solutions

Red Bank, NJ, February 25, 2011 - xAssets LLC has entered a partner/re-seller relationship with Paragon Systems of Herndon, VA become better positioned to offer their products to the Federal Government. For 30 years Paragon Systems has operated as a trusted resource and teaming partner to Systems Integration firms focused on providing solutions to the federal, state, and local governments, as well as to commercial firms. xAssets products and services will be listed on Paragon´┐Żs GSA schedule. xAssets' cloud- based products will offer the advantages that the US Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) is advocating for all government entities; reducing infrastructure costs and determining precise IT asset inventories.

Click here to read the full article

February 2011 - xAssets Enterprise Suite 6.3.30 Released

xAssets Enterprise 6.3.30 is being released on the 7th March 2011. This product contains several improvements to the financials engine, Software reporting, compliance, service desk and SAM. It also incorporates the latest software and hardware recognition data.

This release incorporates a major change to the network discovery software, allowing the use of saved credentials, providing a secure mechanism, outside of the cloud, for storing credentials needed to discover large networks of computers in multiple domain and non-domain environments.

January 2011 - xAssets Announces a New Client Side Scripting Language

xAssets Client Scripting Language, XCS, is a new invention from the xAssets UK development team which allows construction of complex workflows, wizards, dialogs and virtually any functionality with just a few lines of script coding. The language runs in a standard web browser without the need for ActiveX controls or other client side installed gadgets, and will be the future platform for all xAssets' client side development and configuration work.

This new language is pivotal to our strategy and business goal of being able to meet complex customer requirements with minimal consulting work. Traditionally, enterprise capable products require the investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months or years of programming, to meet large enterprise end user requirements. xAssets has already made large implementations possible with days or weeks of consulting effort; our new scripting language takes this capability to a new level of productivity and efficiency.

xAssets November Newsletter

Read our November Newsletter here

xAssets At IAITAMs Conference, Nashville, NT, October

xAssets attended this years show and Ed Cartier delivered a presentation at the conference about cloud computing and the long term changes that it may cause.

Our compelling value proposition, which includes affordable pricing, the speed and lightness of the discovery tool, huge flexibility within the powerful configuration features, the ability to adapt to changing business needs over time without needing a team of programmers, and our track record of executing Microsoft SAM Assist Audits for mid sized organizations in very short timescales, clearly created a lot of interest from many potential customers and partners.

Ed Cartier presenting xAssets Asset Management Software at Nashville
Ed Cartier of xAssets presenting at the IAITAM conference

xAssets Asset Management Software at the IAITAM Show
Rod Auletta (left) and Barry Long of xAssets at the IAITAM conference

xAssets August Newsletter

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xAssets June Newsletter

Read our June Newsletter here

xAssets Announces Industry Information Resource Service

xAssets a privately held developer of IT and software management, fixed asset management software and helpdesk software tools, with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, announced today that it has launched an industry resources service on its website For more information, read the PDF press release here

Click here to visit the resources page.

xAssets Hardware Discovery Service is Released - February 2010

xAssets Hardware Discovery Service is a hosted solution to enable customers to quickly establish their Hardware Inventory. The service runs for 60 days and is fast, affordable, agentless, low bandwidth, hosted and requires no expertise. Click here for more information, read the PDF press release here or get the fact sheet here.

End Date for Version 5 Technical Support - January 2010

xAssets is ending technical support capability on Version 5 on 1 September 2010. This means that existing customers on Version 5 will be allowed to maintain support subscription and therefore the right to upgrade, but there will be no Version 5 technical capability maintained within xAssets, and no possibility of fixes to the existing Version 5 product line. Many features of Version 5 have similarities to version 6, so technicans may still be able to answer support questions, but this cannot be guaranteed.

xAssets Network Discovery Receives SIIA Certification - January 2010

Wiltshire, United Kingdom January 5, 2010 - xAssets (, a privately held developer of IT and software management, fixed asset management software and helpdesk software tools, with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, announced today that its IT asset and software discovery and reconciliation software has been certified by the Software & Information Industry Association's (SIIA) as meeting its standards for accuracy, reliability, and ease of use for performing software audits.

Read the full press release

Click here for more information on xAssets Network Discovery, or get the fact sheet here.

xAssets Introduces Full 64 Bit Support Across its Product Range - December 2009

While xAssets Discovery tools have supported Discovery of 64 Bit systems for some time now, today xAssets has released version 6.3.13 of its Asset Management software products which include full native support for 64 bit servers without the need for 32 bit processes. This capability enables customers to take full advantage of the performance benefits associated with the 64 bit platform, and includes support for the latest Sql Server editions which together lead to huge improvements in performance.

This change has also led to substantial improvements for hosted customers. Several of xAssets' hosting servers are now running Windows 2008 R2 64 bit edition, with Sql Server 2008 64 bit edition at the back end, and while the old 32-bit systems performed well, the performance gains on our new 64 bit servers are substantial.

Customers will be contacted individually through Q1 2010 to discuss to upgrading to these latest platforms.

xAssets Software Discovery Service is Released - October 2009

xAssets Software Discovery Service is a hosted solution to enable customers to quickly establish their Software License Compliance position. The service runs for 60 days and is fast, affordable, agentless, low bandwidth, hosted and requires no expertise. Click here for more information or get the fact sheet here.

The following Press Release was made public on the 29th October 2009:

Wiltshire, United Kingdom October 29, 2009 - xAssets (, a privately held corporation with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, provides IT and software management, fixed asset management software and helpdesk software tools to medium and large scale enterprises, announced today that it is introducing a fully integrated automated hosted software compliance service.

xAssets hosted software discovery service provides organizations with the fastest and least complicated route to achieving software compliance. It requires no server acquisition, no software or agent deployment and minimal setup. A very small collection server tool is placed on the user's network and the system is typically up and running in minutes. The hosted service allows discovery for 30 consecutive days and reporting for an additional 30 days. Users can then choose to continue with the hosted service as needed.

Read the full press release

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xAssets Software has been nominated for a Codie award - October 2009

Wiltshire, United Kingdom October 19, 2009 - xAssets (, a privately held corporation with offices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, provides IT and software management, fixed asset management software and helpdesk software tools to medium and large scale enterprises, announced today that it's flagship product suite has been nominated for the prestigious SIIA CODIE Award.

The CODiE Awards hold the distinction of being the industry's only peer-reviewed awards program, which provides member companies with a unique opportunity to earn praise from their competitors. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the CODiE Awards program has raised the standard for excellence and serves as prestigious representation of outstanding achievement and vision in the software and information industry.

Continued... Click Here to read the full press release.

xAssets Software 6.3 is Released - July 2009

xAssets Software Version 6.3 has been released with the following improvements:

  • Discovery now sends Delta files, so repeat discoveries are much faster
  • Discovery is now much faster on the end client - between 1 second and 4 seconds per machine
  • Performance and Scalability improvements benefitting large enterprises
  • Updated Software Recognition
  • Easier setup and easier user interface with cut-down menus
  • New reports for comparing IT assets
  • Better recognition of computer types through Chassis identification
  • SNMP community strings are now set in options
  • Improvements to the RDP client launcher
  • Six new SNMP attributes including Serial Number
  • Planned Maintenance Improvements
  • "Remember me" login allows direct access into the app from a shortcut without logging in (NT Users only)
  • All products are now accessible from a single download

xAssets Achieves Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status - January 2009

xAssets has now met Microsoft requirements to become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This is the highest level of partnership available to Microsoft partners and gives an indication of the high level of technical expertise within our organisation. It also indicates to customers that our business is reliable, experienced and endorsed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Gold Partner Logo

A joint statement from the xAssets Management Team: "The management team are delighted that we have achieved this certification. Gold Certification highlights our position as a UK and US based software development company with the capacity to develop highly competitive and reliable solutions which are focussed on the needs of our customers. It also confirms to our customers and prospects that as a vendor we have the staff expertise and tools required to implement and support the highly focussed and configured solutions our customers need within a framework of excellence in quality and customer satisfaction."

Customer Update December 2008

xAssets Service Management was released on 22 December 2008. xAssets Service Management has been released as an add-on to the IT Asset Management Suite. Click the link above for more details xAssets Network Discovery 6.1.10 was released on 18 December 2008. 6.1.10 includes the latest software recognition updates and improvements to Monitor serial number cleaning.

September 2008 Software Releases

xAssets Fixed Asset Management 6.1 was released on 15 September 2008.

  • Fixed Asset Management
  • New Depreciation Calculation Engine
  • Support for MACRS and IRS Tax Rules Section 179 Deductions, Limits, Tables and Calculations
  • Support for Unusual Depreciation Scenarios
  • Support for Short Tax Years and Unusual Accounting Periods
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Barcoding and Scanner Integration
  • Procurement

xAssets IT Asset Management 6.1 was released on 15 September 2008. This product provides Comprehensive IT Asset Management and CMDB functionality for companies with established discovery tools or SCCM/SMS. Features include

  • Integration to any Discovery Tool
  • Software Asset Management
  • Hardware Asset Management
  • IMACS and History Reporting
  • Barcoding and Scanner Integration
  • Procurement
  • Contract Management
  • Comprehensive Asset lifecycle Management

xAssets Network Discovery 6.1 was released on 15 September 2008 with the following changes:

  • Easy Deployment Software
  • Software Recognition Updates
  • Improvements to IMACS reporting
  • Comprehensive Printer Asset Management via integrations

All existing Version 6 Customers will be offered an upgrade in due course.

June 2008 Update

xAssets Network Discovery 6 is released on 23 June 2008 with the following changes:

  • Updated Software Recognition Database
  • Updated SNMP, Monitor and Printer Recognition Databases
  • Improved Serial Number recognition and cleaning
  • Software As A Service architectural enhancements
  • Improved Software Product Suite Recognition
  • New Discovery Exception and Accounting Reports
  • Improved WMI exception workarounds
  • Cross Domain Discovery and DomainLess Discovery
  • Improved Support for USB stick and HTTP based discovery scenarios
  • Location from IP recognition records automatically created
  • Active Directory Integration now supports Multiple OU's from an options box
  • Any collection server can now be used to pull OLEDB data as well as discovery data
  • Improvements to the AutoReport engine

All existing Version 6 Customers will be offered an upgrade in due course.

April 2008 Update for Customers

Several recent xAssets Customer Acquisitions have taken advantage of the deep configuration capabilities of our new Network Discovery and Asset Management product - xAssets Network Discovery 6. An installation in England with 1200 discovered nodes recently extended the configuration to automatically detect broken installations of McAfee Antivirus through the inspection of the running state of the Windows Services associated with McAfee. The same client also used the windows service discovered data to detect wrongly configured installations of Windows Update and Patchlink. This enabled Network Administrators to detect problems across the entire network within a few days of installation, and those machines have now been fixed and are under survilance with a daily discovery schedule connecting directly through to configured email notifications for exception reporting. Another English implementation with around 2000 discovered nodes have recently completed their Software Asset Management implementation. All recognition data cleansing processes were completed by xAssets and software license reconciliation has been completed. In the USA we have completed six new enterprise SAM and ITAM implementations and three more implementation projects are underway. Several new capabilities are being developed as a result of these including:

  • SCCM and SMS Integration as an alternative to discovery
  • HP Web Jet Admin Integration for Detailed Printer Asset and Status information
  • The SNMP Recognition database has been extended to new Manufacturers
  • Additional SNMP Discovery Fields
  • Disaster Recovery Processes can now be constructed through the Data Transformation Engine
  • The Sql Server agentless instance discovery tools has been extended to allow discovery under any Windows Credentials alongside database logins, without the need to log in as a different user

Clarification of Version 5 Support Policy

A few customers have expressed concern that we may drop support for Version 5 implementations. The management team have agreed to guarantee support for Version 5 implementations at least until September 2010, and that support will comply with the standards and policies set out in our new "Intensive Support" initiative. xAssets plans to upgrade all customers to Version 6 by September 2009.

March 2008 Update for Customers

xAssets Network Discovery Version 6 has now passed extensive scalability and performance tests for Very Large Database (VLDB) installations. With specific tuning of the dashboards and queries we were able to support 240,000 IT Assets and 2,500,000 Fixed assets in the same database, with each IT Asset having detailed data for Software, Device Manager, Services, AutoRun, CPU, Memory, Disk Arrays and Printers. The testing was conducted using two low cost Dell Servers running Windows Server Standard Edition, Sql Server 2005 Standard Edition, each machine having 4GB RAM, 2x256GB IDE disks and Dual Core 2.0 MHz Woodcrest processors.

xAssets has entered into a business partner relationship with Infinite Technology Solutions in Australia. This replaces our former single office infrastructure in Melbourne with offices and people on the ground in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Infinite TS will service all existing customers with support contracts and will take control of distribution and direct sales to new resellers and customers.