Cybersecurity Starts with ITAM
Understanding the relationship between base data collected in IT Asset Management and a Cyber Security Strategy

Cybersecurity Starts with ITAM

Malware. Ransomware. Phishing. Whaling. Honeypots. Data breaches and leaks. We cannot turn on the news without hearing of a new cyber attack scheme or inadvertent sharing of data.

Recently the FBI began investigations of a HBO cyber attack by an anonymous hacker, which compromised 1.5 terabytes of program content, including information on episodes of “Ballers” and “Game of Thrones.” The extent and impact of this attack is still yet undetermined.

In May, a strain of ransomware called “WannaCry” was distributed to public and private servers around the world. Despite the software’s significant coding flaws, which made it easier to disable, it still crippled operations in British medical facilities and affected services.

The volume, impact, and intensity of cyber attacks continue to escalate. And, protection from cyber attacks does not seem to be tied to budgets or access to cutting-edge technology—too many companies with deep pockets and great tech have been compromised.

What precautions should you take to protect your business? How can you be ready to quickly respond to a breach?

Surveying the Digital Landscape via ITAM

The first step in protecting anything is knowing that item exists. Sounds so simple, but total network discovery is anything but simple. Systems management software offers a great start, but even comprehensive systems like SCCM do not capture everything on a network.

For full discovery, you need a complementary tool like xAssets Network Discovery Software, which can be run on devices that are not captured in the systems management database, such as routers, switches, SNMP devices, firewalls, UPSs, IP phones, and any home-based PCs or remote devices. When you know what you have—100%—you can begin to build real protection for the network.

Network Display in a Single Application

IT asset managers and administrators need a configuration management database (CMDB) to acquire a holistic view of the entire network—hardware inventory, IT asset management (ITAM), software asset management, and software license compliance. They need to see everything and be able to manage everything through one application.

xAssets IT Asset Management Software offers this 360° view in a browser-based application and allows administrators to centralize management and reporting. The full asset lifecycle is covered from procurement, through deployment, operational service, RMA, compliance, IMACS reporting, and obsolescence and disposal.

With this comprehensive perspective, your IT team can design and implement protocols to establish and maintain cyber defense and response—from registering all network assets in accordance with the IT administrator’s guidelines to ensuring hardware updates to properly disposing of outdated equipment.

Secure Your Software, Too

Software discovery and compliance impacts security just as much as hardware asset management. xAssets Software Discovery Service audits your entire network and all software in use on all computers, so your team can keep licenses current and regularly download updates and software patches that detect and protect against malware intrusions.

Proper ITAM implementation can detect threats and increase network resiliency by isolating risk impact when breaches occur. Effective ITAM increases the “known knowns,” develops a plan to react to the “known unknowns,” and reduces the risks of the “unknown unknowns.”

The results of diminished cybersecurity can seriously harm your organization, both in lost revenue and lost trust: xAssets can help. xAssets provides ITAM software and professionals with a wide range of functionalities, integrations, and configurations to work with your organization to develop a tailored solution to meet your specific IT needs.

If you’re ready to see everything your network holds, who is accessing it, and what devices they use, you can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at or 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

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