3 Reasons You Need ITAM for SCCM
ITAM software offers the perfect complement to SCCM. Here are three ways they work together to bring value to your business

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to deploy System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) across your IT enterprise. Through SCCM, your organization has the ability to discover servers, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices connected to a network through Active Directory. You’re able to install client software on each node, and manage single or network application deployments. SCCM helps you store, sort, access, and secure your data.

So why do you need information technology asset management (ITAM)? ITAM software offers the perfect complement to SCCM. Here are three ways they work together to bring value to your business:

#1 You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

ITAM integrates all systems to enable a holistic view of your IT infrastructure in one easy application. Think of all the data, software, and applications on every computer and device supported by your IT enterprise. ITAM software organizes your system data to help leadership make decisions that best support your business. When you can see all the hardware and software within your business, you will make better decisions for the entire corporation.

#2 Reduce Time Spent Looking for Lost Data

SCCM is a fantastic tool, which can help you discover most everything you need to know about your IT enterprise. Most is not the same as all. Without ITAM, you may have to resort to time-consuming manual processes to discover and make decisions on the things SCCM may miss. This rings true specifically in compliance and audit periods. SCCM is a great tool for network discovery; when combined with ITAM, you can achieve efficient, total discovery!

#3 Cover Your System’s Entire Lifecycle

Your ITAM software should centralize management and reporting on the corporate IT infrastructure and cover every phase from procurement to disposal. ITAM software allows you to know the condition, location, and type of every networked device, so you can make informed decisions about asset allocation and business spending. There should be no surprises in business, especially within its digital backbone.

xAssets software provides ITAM and SCCM professionals with a wide range of functionalities, integrations, and configurations to create a final solution to meet their specific goals.

xAssets’ Network Discovery Software enables organizations of all sizes to discover their network quickly without side effects, without deploying agents, and beyond what SCCM provides—an effective adjunct to the entire discovery plan for finding 100% of what’s on the network.

The software includes a configuration management database (CMDB) allowing hardware inventory, IT asset management, software asset management, and software license compliance from within a single browser based application. This gives a holistic view of the entire network and offers the fastest route to a complete network inventory and software license compliance.

The xAssets IT Asset Management/SCCM Connector™ product provides high value, full lifecycle capabilities, simple and customizable reports, and quick, simple deployments. An optional agentless discovery tool is also available that discovers and analyzes information not available through SCCM.

If you are ready to get organized with SCCM, xAssets can help. You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at ussales@xassets.com or 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

For more information on how xAssets can help you get the most information from your SCCM software, contact Lon Mackey, Director of Business Development, at 800-691-9120 x 304.

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