SAM: The One Step for Achieving Software Compliance
Choosing the right strategic tools and making the right strategic decisions to achieve Software License Compliance

SAM: The One Step for Achieving Software Compliance

Audits . . . ugh.

The word alone can send shivers through business owners, bookkeepers, and taxpayers alike. Now, you can add software asset managers to that list.

Take the irritation and pain surrounding the audit of physical resources and raise it exponentially when reviewing virtual ones. Businesses of all types face audits that are only increasing in number, frequency, and scope. Sumar Karayi (the CEO 1E) affirmed the following: “…in a world of desktop and server virtualisation, organisations are faced with a whole new level of complexity.”

Pain and irritation can sometimes result from lack of knowledge or preparation. So, if you’d like to avoid the pain of your next software audit—Software Asset Management (SAM) offers the key you need. SAM takes care of your information technology (IT) enterprise in three ways:

Network Discovery: Discover every component, software, and application connected to your network and remove anything unwanted, unused, or unauthorized. When looking for a tool to provide this capability, you want a complete solution that includes SAM capability as part of the core product.

IT Asset Management: You need a full lifecycle IT asset management solution that is compatible with discovery tools or SCCM/SMS. Again, any IT asset management tool should include SAM capabilities.

Software Discovery Service: Be prepared for an audit by knowing exactly which software you have and monitoring when to update agreements for licenses. You can also assess the usage of these applications to determine whether your IT funds should be spent on more applicable products. This tool should be able to operate in a hosted environment.

xAssets provides all these tools in a software asset management suite. These products are scalable, configurable, and will fit the precise needs of your business or organization.

Network Discovery: Available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or installed locally, xAssets Network Discovery Software enables organizations of all sizes to discover their network quickly without side effects and without deploying agents. The software includes a configuration management database allowing hardware inventory, IT asset management, software asset management, and software license compliance from within a single browser-based application.

IT Asset Management: xAssets IT Asset Management software is a complete solution to centralize management and reporting on the corporate IT infrastructure. The full asset lifecycle is covered from procurement through deployment, operational service, RMA, compliance, IMACS reporting, and obsolescence and disposal. The application facilitates integration and federation to other IT systems including Active Directory, System Center, SCCM / SMS, Help Desks, and other discovery tools, enabling a holistic view of the IT infrastructure in one easy-to-use browser-based application.

Software Discovery Service: xAssets Software Discovery Service is a 60-day service to discover your entire network and all software in use on all computers. The service is confidential, low cost, fast, light, requires no internal expertise, does not deploy agents, and is fully managed by xAssets.

Don’t sweat your next audit—prepare for it and pass it with flying colors. xAssets provides SAM software and professionals with a wide range of functionalities, integrations, and configurations to create a final solution to meet your specific goals.

If you are ready to get your IT house in order, xAssets can help. You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at or 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

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