Asset Management: IT Infrastructure Transparency Is Easy

Asset Management: IT Infrastructure Transparency Is Easy

What would you do if you could use a crystal ball to see a holistic view of your business’s IT infrastructure?

Would you pinpoint where and when problems arise in your network?

How about examining software licenses to determine if they need to be renewed? Or if they are not authorized?

Would you gaze through the glass and easily see reports regarding all your assets in offices from around the globe?

The thought is magical, akin to IT fairy dust, right?

This daydream can be a reality with IT Asset Management.

At xAssets, we want to help you peer into the inner workings of your IT assets and help your IT department run smoothly.

Here are some examples of how we can help you manage your company’s IT resources:

Software Licensing Compliance

Are all of your employees using licensed software to complete their work?

Short of personally sitting down and checking each computer, how do you know? Do you just cross your fingers and hope that no one has downloaded anything “extra”?

Software vendors are uncompromising when it comes to taking legal action against non-compliant software users.

In the United States, using unlicensed software can cost your business $150,000 in civil court and an additional $250,000 in federal criminal court. For each unlicensed program.

Suddenly, you don’t have enough fingers to cross to make the anxiety diminish.

Luckily, IT asset management systems developed by xAssets can look at the software licenses on your employees’ computers systemwide, and with surgical precision, pull out the culprits for licensing resolution.

Hardware Audits

Whenever possible, you try to supply your employees with the latest laptops on which to conduct their work.

How do you know who has the oldest computer?

Do you give the newest hardware to the squeakiest wheel?

Conversely, do you have an employee who is staunchly against updating their 1990 PC286?

With IT asset management, you can easily obtain a report containing all of the required information for maintaining a state-of-the-art work environment.

Cloud Asset Management

It is easy to find out what assets are available in your home office, but what about your offices using the cloud internationally?

Cloud Services represent the services you provide to your customers and internal staff. Cloud Assets are the assets and their dependencies deployed in creating each service.

xAssets IT Asset Management Software enables organizations to manage and discover their cloud assets quickly.

This gives a holistic view of all cloud services and cloud assets, and offers the fastest route to a complete cloud inventory. Large enterprises benefit from the configuration options and scalability offered by the software. Complex and unusual requirements can be met, new business functions can be added via configuration.

Would you like to see how some of these aspects of asset management work in real life? To learn more, read how two of our global clients Saint-Gobain APAC and Andersen Tax implemented xAssets software in their organizations.

Are you ready to turn your asset management into a success story? xAssets wants to help. You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions—Lon Mackey,, 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

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