Don’t Make a Resolution, Enhance the Culture

Don’t Make a Resolution, Enhance the Culture

It’s that time of year again. Time to take stock of the past year to determine how you’ve changed, or haven’t. Time to, yet again, make a list of resolutions and “to-do” lists to improve yourself or your organization.

Just. Stop.

Improvement through resolutions—even resolutions with a strategy to achieve them—have proven to fail time and again

It’s time to try a different approach. It’s time to enhance the culture. Peter Drucker once quipped, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” More than your organization’s plans, policies, and programs, the culture will determine success or failure.

ITAM as a Culture

Information is power built on accurate data. However, this information needs to be in the hands of decision-makers before decisions are made. IT solutions help get the right information to the right people at the right time.

When your IT team develops and employs effective organizational solutions for the entire data management lifecycle (procurement through disposal), businesses succeed.

Imagine your data consolidated to provide a holistic repository. Or a network discovery and asset management tool to report on the status of all software and hardware in one dashboard. What if your CFO had access to a contract management report view to analyze the status of any contract at any time? Amazing, right?

That’s the power of Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM).

Integrating ITAM with SCCM

If ITAM is the culture—a comprehensive approach to managing all your IT assets —then Microsoft’s Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the tool to help build it.

SCCM surveys and discovers networked devices, including servers, client PCs and smartphones, connected to your system through Active Directory. SCCM installs client software on each node and compiles an inventory database with records on each asset and the software installed on each device along with the details about the hardware configurations. It uses this data to target application deployments to groups of devices or users.

SCCM sets you on a path to total network discovery, but for 100% network discovery—and 100% is the goal—you need more than SCCM. You need a complementary full lifecycle tool that manages and classifies all physical and virtual IT hardware and software assets, including IP Phones, Linux, Unix and MAC, associating them to business units and physical office locations.

Let xAssets help you build your solution!

The xAssets IT Asset Management/SCCM Connector™ product integrates with SCCM with a fast and easy deployment; greatly improving your ITAM environment. Then all of the combined capabilities are provided in simple and customizable reports.

An optional agentless discovery tool is also available that discovers and analyzes information not available through SCCM. The xAssets ITAM tool creates a more holistic total view of everything on the network, enhancing what SCCM accomplishes but also providing what SCCM can’t do, yet is needed.

xAssets provides ITAM and SCCM professionals with a wide range of functionalities, integrations, and configurations to create a final solution to meet each customer’s specific goals. Assets takes a big-picture view of the requirements to suggest a solution, via configuration changes, that meets all the needs in a cost-effective way.

Are you ready to launch your organization to the next level? Don’t make a new resolution—start with enhancing your IT culture.

You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at or 800-691-9120 ext. 304

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