November 2019 - Version 7.3 release announcement
Sign-up and go cloud model now live
New user interface improves ease of use, productivity and configurability

November 2019 - Version 7.3 release announcement

xAssets has now released version 7.3 to cloud hosted customers and will begin migrating on-premise implementations over the next few months

This release pushes the product to new levels of performance, reliability, ease of use and security. This release is entirely focussed at enabling customers to maximise ROI and minimise expenditure. We have extended the configurability of the product such that not only can we achieve more for customers, but we can do that configuration work in half the time or less.

Improvements include:

  • "Sign up and go" cloud model with one free user for both ITAM and fixed asset management
  • Fast, slick and easy to use user interface
  • Single page application web technology
  • Massive performance and scalability increases
  • Support for all browsers including mobile devices
  • Very powerful, flexible and fast configuration toolset
  • Visual Basic style scripting language behind the web pages
  • Our SCCM integration has been extended to cover Ivanti(tm) databases
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