April 2021 - Version 7.3.06 release announcement
xAssets releases version 7.3.06 to cloud customers on 01 April 2021 and to on-premise customers on 01 May 2021
Improved and new features include Planned Maintenance, SAM, User Interface and Integrations to JIRA, AWS, GCP and Azure

April 2021 - Version 7.3.06 release announcement

xAssets has now released version 7.3.06 to cloud hosted customers and will begin migrating on-premise implementations next month

Improvements include:

  • A new and powerful planned maintenance module which replaces the version 6 equivalent
  • The SAM module has been upgraded and is now very easy to use
  • The user interface has been simplified, and has a new, cleaner look
  • All forms now support mobile devices
  • Assets can be viewed on a map
  • Horizontal bar charts are now supported
  • Integration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Integration to Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Integration to Microsoft Azure
  • Integration to JIRA Service Desk

SAM Improvements

The SAM components are now much easier to use. We continue to update recognition on a daily basis. SAM reporting now includes a progress bar on the SAM management screen which shows % compliance of managed products and % compliance of licenseable products, making it easier for Software Asset Managers to keep tabs on progress as new installations appear and new licenses are introduced.


We are very excited to announce integrations into Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. These integrations pull virtual server data for each cloud instance into the asset register, giving a complete list of all virtual assets which can then be discovered using a variety of technologies

This enables tracking of virtual assets regardless of which platform they are hosted on, and the data collected from discovery will feed into your centralized CMDB to show software license compliance and hardware specifications.

We have also introduced integration to JIRA service desk. Now it is possible to pull asset and incident data from JIRA into xAssets and from xAssets into JIRA, allowing free flow communication of data to keep the two web services exactly in-sync.

Planned Maintenance

Users can now create service plans and attach them to assets, and have a "Generate Work Orders" process execute in the background (this can also run on a scheduled basis) to create work orders, email them to assignees, and track progress as the work order is executed. Engineers can log in and view their own work assignments, plus progress and delays on existing work orders which they are assigned to or involved in. Managers can view overall progress, backlogs, and upcoming workload across all workers or within their own workforce using a mixture of charts and reports.

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