July 2022 - Version 7.3.26 release announcement
xAssets releases version 7.3.26 to customers on 20 July 2022
Improved and new features include a new JIRA integration, Azure integration changes and look and feel improvements

July 2022 - Version 7.3.26 release announcement

xAssets has now released version 7.3.26 to cloud hosted customers and on-premise customers

Improvements include:

  • JIRA asset panel allows asset data sourced from discovery, azure, intune, JAMF and other sources to be shown on JIRA tickets
  • Simpler cleaner user interface with icons on menu categories
  • Azure integration is now much deeper
  • Improvements to Intune integration to fetch more asset detail without needing discovery (but discovery still recommended)
  • Linux and Unix discovery now support switching to root after initial authentication
  • SAM improvements
  • Software recognition updates

JIRA Asset Panel

Attaching assets to tickets increases service desk productivity by allowing the most important information needed for ticket resolution to be immediately visible.

The xAssets IT asset management solution includes integration to JIRA Service Desk, enabling asset content to be displayed within a JIRA ticket.

The information displayed can show multiple tabs, and can include:

  • Asset details
  • User information
  • Location and other classification information
  • Hardware details
  • Device Manager
  • Installed Software
  • Software Licensing

The JIRA ticket below has the xAssets asset panel integration enabled. Any number of assets can be linked to a ticket and configurable tabs are provided containing key asset information.

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

The software tab shows the recognised software titles installed on the computer, again, directly in the JIRA ticket.

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

New menu icons

The home page layout now uses a left side menu panel with icons. Users can still switch back to the "menus at the top" mode if needed for continuity, and this can be set site wide

Azure Asset Screenshot

Azure Integration

The xAssets IT asset management solution includes integration to Azure to create an inventory of virtual servers. This provides a starting point to having a complete inventory of your Azure real estate. xAssets Discovery is then run against each virtual server to provide detailed information on VM sizing, underlying hardware, installed software, software licensing, disks, devices and performance.

A single xAssets instance can host servers from multiple data sources including

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • JIRA Service Desk
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft System Center (SCCM)
  • xAssets Discovery
  • Import from Spreadsheets and other data sources

xAssets can provide a single holistic view of your virtual servers and other assets, and provides full lifecycle asset management functionality including procurement, software asset management, service desk and performance assessment.

Single sign on (SSO) to Azure is also fully supported.

The azure integration includes the ability to pick up custom tags, which you can use to allocate, group and classify the servers.

Azure Asset Screenshot

After running xAssets Discovery, reports on installed software, software licensing compliance, devices and performance capabilities can be created

xAssets Azure Asset Software List after running with xAssets Network Discovery

SAM Improvements

The software asset management engine has been upgraded :

  • Licenses can now be restricted to types of machines without needing to specify the relationship prior to automated license allocation
  • Licenses can be allocated by Department in the vanilla system, previously this was done through configuration
  • Improvements to the performance of the license calculation engine
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