Version 7.3.34 release announcement
xAssets releases version 7.3.34 to customers on 12 January 2023
Improved and new features include Meraki and Kandji integrations, look and feel improvements and discovery enhancements

January 2023 - Version 7.3.34 release announcement

xAssets has now released version 7.3.34 to cloud hosted customers and on-premise customers

Improvements include:

  • New Integrations to Cisco Meraki and Kandji
  • JIRA asset panel can now automatically allocate assets to tickets
  • User interface improvements
  • Solaris discovery has been improved to return much deeper asset information and disk information
  • Apple mac discovery now collects detailed disk information
  • Discovery of Lenovo laptops has been improved to show the actual model number instead of the catalog number
  • Barcode scanning improvements
  • Software recognition updates

Cisco Meraki and Kandji Integration

xAssets can now pull detailed asset information from Cisco Meraki and Kandji. For mobile devices this includes username, make, model, phone number, IMEI, location, hardware details, and other detailed asset information

JIRA Asset Panel

Assets can now be automatically assigned to JIRA tickets as soon as they are saved

The process follows this pattern:

  • JIRA ticket is entered and saved with a user assigned
  • A process is trigged within xAssets that finds the main asset for the assigned user
  • That asset is automatically assigned to the ticket
  • Next time the ticket is opened, the asset will appear in the JIRA ticket with full technical and classification data shown

The JIRA ticket below has the xAssets asset panel integration enabled. Any number of assets can be linked to a ticket and configurable tabs are provided containing key asset information.

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

User Interface Improvements

The new User Interface has a modern layout with settings and account icons on the right, main menu icons have been improved and the chart color palette has changed to provide better visual differentiation between chart segments.

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