3 ROI Wins from a Comprehensive IT Asset Management Solution

3 ROI Wins from a Comprehensive IT Asset Management Solution

Many things are best delivered in a bundle: mail, money, joy. Others are bundled for convenience: leaves, laundry, phone, and internet service. A bundle’s true worth is revealed when the items or services you both need and use are delivered at an affordable price.

To be honest, we sometimes do not get the best return on bundles we’ve purchased — do we really need 275 channels when we only watch five?

Value diminishes when we pay for things we do not use.

The same is true for IT investments. It’s sometimes difficult to convince corporate leadership of the ROI of IT when they don’t see the direct impact on operations, human resources, or finances. However, your IT team can score a corporate win by implementing a complete, yet tailored, IT asset management (ITAM) software suite.

Here are three ways IT asset management software can create wins for your organization:

#1 Increased Productivity: An ITAM solution should effectively centralize management and reporting of your IT infrastructure. This means the application should facilitate integration to other IT systems (e.g., Active Directory, System Center, and other discovery tools) to provide a holistic view of your entire IT architecture.

How does this benefit your organization? Multiple users will be able to access and update records at one location in real-time. No more federated reporting on multiple spreadsheets. Also, you can keep documents better organized by uploading guides, policies, purchase orders, and employee data in one place. You can streamline and optimize processes across the entire enterprise.

Less time searching equals more time doing!

#2 Increased Organization: Ah, the dreaded reporting cycle — driving countless, rushed hours to meet looming and competing deadlines. Well, no more! Use well-designed reporting tools to access records or download information you need.

Produce complete and stress-free audit reports from data compiled with the push of a few buttons. Track asset status and maintenance cycles to gain accurate pictures of your fixed assets. Direct questions from the reporting period to the precise point of contact by assigning asset owners.

Reporting does not have to be a corporate burden. Let your ITAM software keep you organized and ready to take on any reporting challenge.

Less time reporting equals more time serving your customers!

#3 Increased Efficiency: An ITAM solution should be tailored to your needs, thus, you should not pay for services you do not need. The solution should cover the entire asset (software and hardware) lifecycle from procurement, service, maintenance, and disposal.

The solution should be hosted onsite or remotely, according to your needs. Your ITAM solution should act as a hub, a centralized data repository, for all of your IT needs. You will accomplish more with fewer resources.

Greater efficiency equals lower costs and higher revenues!

Don’t get rolled over by your bundles. Find the ITAM solutions that meet your needs and deliver ROI to your business now!

If you are ready to invest in comprehensive and customized ITAM solutions, xAssets can help. You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at ussales@xassets.com or at 800-691- 9120 ext. 304

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