3 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your IT Asset Management Now

3 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your IT Asset Management Now

Maximize SCCM for total network discovery and full lifecycle asset management to protect your business and improve efficiency.

and monitoring to remain valuable. Sometimes it’s a small upgrade—new paint for a bedroom. Often, the investment in upgrading can pay off with big results— like when a renovated kitchen increases the sale value of a home.

The same principle holds true for your business, too: an upgrade in systems, especially IT asset management, can pay off with big results. Conversely, ignoring an outdated system puts your business at risk. Consider these three scenarios:

#1 Data at Risk = Business at Risk

In the Industrial Age, the value of a business depended on production quality and efficacy of design: Does it work? Is it made well? In today’s Information Age, a business lives and breathes by the accuracy of and accessibility to data.

Business decisions must be made at the speed of cyber, and if your data resides on unsupported networks, it is prone to security issues resulting in hacked data, corrupted data, or lost data. Use asset management to build unfettered access to accurate and timely data so your business decisions will hit the mark and positively impact the bottom line.

#2 Software, Licenses, and Apps—Oh My!

How many Microsoft 2013 licenses are you running? How many have been upgraded to MS 2016? And how many employees have downloaded Facebook to their company-provided tablets?

At best, these questions can drive your IT enterprise costs through the roof; at worst, they can open unsecured back doors into your server network and create vulnerabilities for your company’s data.

Your IT asset management should offer a holistic view of the entire network with a complete network inventory and enable total software license compliance. Comprehensive asset management can help you get a handle on everything that resides on your network and, in turn, get a handle on your business.

#3 Mobile Is Not Just a Town in Alabama

94% of workers with mobile devices agree that wireless capabilities make them more efficient. Today’s mobile workforce is no longer tied to buildings, desks, or wires. While this reality offers greater flexibility, you need asset management to scan and sync devices with centralized databases. Asset management will help your geographically separated workforce to meet virtually, collaborate, and create business solutions

If you’re using SCCM, you already know that the software surveys and discovers networked devices, including servers, client PCs and smartphones, connected to your system through Active Directory.

You also know that for end-to-end software asset management, license optimization and full lifecycle asset management capabilities, additional features are needed that do not exist today in SCCM. You need complementary software and applications to make the most of your information. Also, that software needs an easy way to connect with SCCM.

xAssets enhances SCCM functionality and offers the “upgrade” you need to achieve total network discovery and full lifecycle IT asset management. xAssets features include:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with both SCCM and Active Directory databases, as well as any enterprise IT system.
  • Classification of all physical and virtual IT hardware and software assets, including IP Phones, Linux, Unix and MAC, associating them to business units and physical office locations.
  • Unified view of all IT assets deploy within the organization, follows relationships between assets and is able to “drill down/up” based on a solution type, physical hardware, location or any other classification.

If you are ready to upgrade your asset management capabilities to improve the state of your IT enterprise, xAssets can help. We have configurable and scalable technology to create custom solutions for any type of asset management and asset discovery.

Extend existing functionality to create new functions with integration, data entry, queries and reports built to your requirements. All solutions are available as hosted or on-premise implementations.

You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at ussales@xassets.com or 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

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