IT Asset Lifecycle Management: What’s Missing from Your Suite?

IT Asset Lifecycle Management: What’s Missing from Your Suite?

Asset management is critical for understanding the lifecycle stage of your assets. IT Asset Lifecycle Management (ITALM) tracks IT lifecycle stages to aid businesses in making informed procurement decisions on IT needs and services. You must have a complete picture to determine the needs of the system to provide a seamless IT experience for both colleagues and clients.

To enhance ITALM efficiencies and efficacy, businesses must consider the following five critical qualities and functions:

  • Network Discovery Software:
    You can’t manage what you can’t see. So how do you obtain a snapshot of the files on your IT enterprise? Network discovery software offers a holistic view of the entire network and provides the fastest route to a complete network inventory and software license compliance.
  • IT Asset Management Software:
    If your IT enterprise is deficient, it can’t provide the capabilities your business needs. What is the overall health of your IT system?

What measurements are taken to assess its health, and how are problems quickly resolved?

IT Asset Management Software centralizes the management and reporting on the corporate IT infrastructure as a CMDB. Each component is assessed across the entire lifecycle: procurement, deployment, operational service, maintenance, obsolescence, and disposal.

  • Software Asset Management: When you pay for an unused gym membership, it’s frustrating on a personal level. But paying for unused goods or services can devastate a company’s bottom line. How many Microsoft licenses are you paying for and how many are you actually using? Software Asset Management aids in discovery of and helps assign software to specific computers.
  • Service Management and Help Desk: When IT problems occur, you need software and trained staff to detect the source and severity of the problem, and deliver solutions. This leads to quick resolutions to your IT problems by directly connecting all incidents, changes, requests, alerts, notifications and problems into the IT asset infrastructure.
  • Configurability: When a product is designed in the configuration layer during development, it allows for changes to occur much more easily to meet any customer technical needs and processes. No product meets every customer’s need out of the box, and the ability to get to, or close to, 100% of all requirements without being a major time project or expense makes everyone happy!

To ascertain the complete picture of your IT enterprise and determine its overall impact to your business, you really should bundle all these capabilities under a complete enterprise asset management software. Using a full-service software option ensures compatibility and consistency across the enterprise.

If you are ready to enhance your ITALM capabilities to improve the state of your company’s IT enterprise, xAssets can help.

We have configurable and scalable technology to create custom solutions for any type of asset management and asset discovery at reasonable cost. Extend existing functionality to create new functions with integration, data entry, queries and reports built to your requirements. All solutions are available as hosted or on-premise implementations.

You can start by visiting our website and getting a free trial of our software asset management solution. Or, feel free to contact me with any questions at or 800-691-9120 ext. 304.

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