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February 2017 - xAssets Announces Plans for Version 7.1

We are pleased to announced the forthcoming release of our Asset Management Software Version 7.

This represents a comprehensive rewrite of the successful Version 6 software and includes the following capabilities

  • Fast, slick and easy to use user interface
  • Using the latest web tech including single page applications
  • Massive performance and scalability increases
  • Support for all browsers including mobile devices
  • Very powerful, flexible and fast configuration toolset
  • Visual Basic style scripting language behind the web pages
  • Upgrade path for version 6 customers
  • Military grade security
  • Designed for use on very large networks with high asset volumes

The first release will be to our SDS service in June 2018, with subsequent releases in order of Network Discovery, ITAM and SAM, and Fixed Asset Management with Asset Accounting.

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