Contract Management and Leasing
Manage contract assets, assets covered by contracts, renewals and expiry
Lease management, software, hardware, support, maintenance and other types of contracts supported
Build the processes which fit the way your business manages contracts

Contract Management


Contract Management is built into all xAssets Applications and can be extended or adapted as needed. The default configurations include specific contract management functions shaped to the typical needs of users of those modules.

Explicit multi-currency leasing support is built into xAssets Products. This allows the entry and reporting of lease payments, disposals and capital charging.

The transactional financial model and comprehensive depreciation features allow for asset lease accounting and amortization to be performed.

The lease accounting module is relatively simple. An asset is assigned to a lease and each lease has a start date, end date, start payment, mid payments and final payments. Lease amortization is calculated by the depreciation calculation engine and so can follow any formula and/or lookup table. This gives powerful leasing support without a complex user interface.

Configuration Options

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