Coronavirus Asset and Equipment Tracking Software
Free of charge to qualifying organisations
Manage assets or many other types of information, and implement processes, reporting and workflows around that data
Depending on criticality we may offer configuration services free of charge to get your data loaded and basic workflows completed

Coronavirus Asset and Equipment Tracking Software

This is selectively available to organisations with a critical need for software to manage and track assets, equipment, materials, patient or other data sets as a result of coronavirus

This is available as follows:

  • Any healthcare organisations worldwide who can communicate in English
  • USA and UK military and government entities in any location
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment or services to both the above
  • Other entities can apply if based in North America, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ or Japan
  • Onsite attendance is not offered — we can implement remotely

Service will be free if commercially viable to us, or otherwise we will try to minimize cost

The requirement must be closely related to and beneficial to our fight against the disease

These services can be configured to manage other kinds of data, for example in the past we have configured it for explosives management, crime scene and evidence management, clinical trials management and financial asset tracking. We can often meet unusual requirements very quickly due to the ease of configurability of our product. A quick email discussion should be sufficient to for us to determine if we can meet your needs relatively easily

Services will be hosted on our firewalled servers in the USA or UK. Employees servicing your systems will be based only in these countries and these servers and our apps implement military grade security

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