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Flexible, Affordable and Fast

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xAssets delivers complete, holistic, strategic, full lifecycle asset management solutions, with the customization and support needed to ensure that all large enterprise customer requirements are met or exceeded. Our technology is deeply configurable, allowing us to add functionality and meet requirements that cannot be met by more expensive competitive products.

Our solutions encapsulate as much of the asset life cycle as each customer requires. Some customers have full lifecycle functionality with deep integration to existing systems, others might use our technology to implement a simple discovery solution or a US MACRS/IFRS based accounting solution. The flexibility to license and turn off individual features leads to a system exactly matched to each customers needs.

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Often customers leverage this completeness of vision to implement xAssets as a strategic, holistic, data warehouse solution, maintaining asset data from many different data sources through integrations to systems on their network. This is possible in both hosted and on-premise implementations.

IT Asset Management Software Flow Chart

This includes the ability to integrate to any systems


xAssets pricing is highly competitive and our short implementation times are unique for the software capabilities we offer. Click here to request pricing information.


Target response times are 1 to 5 seconds per page refresh, and this applies to most of our screens and reports in both hosted and on-premise scenarios. We use the latest Microsoft .NET, Windows Server, Microsoft Sql Server, and AJAX technologies, to ensure that application performance is fully optimized.

Scalability and Performance

xAssets products always perform and scale well because our databases are well designed, and bandwidth is kept to a minimum. We have been asked in the past to load data from databases storing data from competitive products and our DB Admins need heart surgery after looking at their badly designed data models. Our products are written with the latest .NET and Sql Server technology and we use low level programming techniques for performance critical code.

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