Hosted Asset Management Software
Cloud based solutions for IT asset management and fixed asset management
Hosted on high performance hardened servers in secure datacenters in the UK and USA
On premise solutions and hybrid architectures are fully supported

xAssets Hosted Solutions

xAssets Asset Management Software is available as a hosted solution or as a on-premise solution. We run Dedicated Servers in the US and the UK so our customers always have excellent response times and data security. Unlike other hosting companies, we host services for some very large customers and we provide an excellent service with near 100% availability. When Customers choose a hosted solution we look at their data volumes, bandwidth requirements, and CPU loading requirements, and we make absolutely sure we can deliver a responsive and reliable service. Our largest customers have over 100 user licenses and 1,000,000 assets.

We host the software and the databases on our own servers, and customers access the service through a web browser. You pay a monthly or annual fee to access the service for the number of users required.

Hosted Advantages

  • No server needed at the customer site (except sometimes a small vm server for data collection)
  • xAssets takes care of all backup and data security
  • No input needed from your IT department (except for integrations)
  • No software or server costs, xAssets absorbs that cost
  • Implementation is usually completed within a few hours
  • xAssets receives alerts and so can provide much better support
  • We use powerful servers at US data centers, ensuring the fastest possible response times

Data Security Considerations

xAssets backs up transaction logs and databases continously to failover servers at different data centers, so there is no single point of failure in our infrastructure.

xAssets allows customers to download a backup of their Sql Server database periodically, so all customers can have an up-to-date backup of their data stored on their own corporate servers and tape backup.

We also allow customers to switch between hosted and on-premise at any time.

All servers are locked down through hardware firewalls, windows firewalls, and local Windows security measures. Most hosted customer choose to specifically deny access to any IP addresses which are not known to us.

If you allow your account to expire or stop the service, we will keep an encrypted backup of your data until you specifically ask us to delete it. You will be able to resume the service or start new at any time.


xAssets solutions are built on the .NET Framework and ASP.NET, with each customer having their own Sql Server database storing their data. This enables fast response times regardless of the volume of data stored or the number of users accessing the system. Our servers are powerful machines running at very low CPU loading, so there is always spare CPU to cater for peaks in server loading requests and batch processing tasks.

How does Integration and Discovery work ?

For Network Discovery and Integration into other systems, we deploy a collection server onto your network. This is usually a small virtual machine running any version of Windows Server. This architecture allows secure integrations through existing IT infrastructure without needing open ports or firewall configuration.

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