IT Asset Management Solutions Overview
Network discovery, software asset management and IT asset management solutions

IT Asset Management Solutions Overview


xAssets offers three ITAM products, Network Discovery, IT Asset Management and xAssets for SCCM. These are designed to meet the needs of differing organisations. We also provide two main subcomponents, Software Asset Management and Help Desk. Software Asset Management and Help Desk are now available in all these products.

Network Discovery

xAssets Network Discovery includes the IT Asset Management functions needed by organisations who want to discover their network, manage non-discoverable assets, manage Software Licensing, warranties and store a complete asset inventory. Network Discovery is built on a configurable asset register and includes out of the box integrations into Active Directory and HP Web Jet. xAssets Network Discovery is very quick to implement and competitively priced.

IT Asset Management

xAssets IT Asset Management Software is primarily used as the centralized asset respository for large companies and companies with specific integration, configuration or customization requirements. Fully life cycle asset management and integration are the two key functions that differentiate xAssets IT Asset Management from xAssets Network Discovery. xAssets IT Asset Management Software is designed to take feeds from any IT systems which store asset data. This often includes SMS, System Center (SCCM), Active Directory, HP Web Jet, EMC, Backup Products, Patchlink, WSUS and other discovery tools.

The product can include Network Discovery or it can be used with another discovery tool as an integration point. This product includes the Asset Management capabilities of our Network Discovery product, and can also include addition functions such as procurement, receiving, barcoding, depreciation, planned/scheduled maintenance, contract management and service desk (help desk). xAssets IT Asset Management is usually implemented by system integrators and is primarily aimed at large enterprises or those with substantial IT infrastructure.

xAssets for SCCM

xAssets for SCCM is a simple adaptation of our IT Asset Management solution to provide an out of the box reporting solution for SCCM customers. All other capabilities within our IT Asset Management Solution are also available to xAssets for SCCM customers.

Comparison of ITAM Solutions by Functional Area

Network Discovery
IT Asset Management
xAssets for SCCM
Asset Register
Procurement   Optional Optional
Receiving and Deployment   Optional Optional
Barcoding   Optional Optional
Depreciation   Optional Optional
Planned Maintenance   Optional Optional
Service Management and Help Desk Mini Help Desk
RMA and Spare Parts Management  
Software Asset Management
Integration Toolkit
Active Directory Integration
HP webjet Integration
SCCM and SMS Integration  
Other Discovery Tool Integration   Optional Optional
SNMP Network Discovery
Windows Network Discovery Use data from SCCM for Domain Computers. Use Network Discovery for computers not in SCCM.
Unix/Linux/MAC Network Discovery Optional Optional Optional
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