Research and Development
Driving forward single page web application (SPA) technologies for massively scalable database applications
Breaking new ground with highly scalable and secure architectures in asset discovery
Technologies based on networking, browsers, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Sql Server and open source stacks/databases

Research and Development

Research Projects

Research and development is at the core of xAssets. Since 2001 xAssets has been a center of technical excellence and a knowledge leader in all aspects of asset management and the technologies we use to develop software, store data, integrate and discover network assets.

We are typically executing around 15-20 lab based experimental projects at any one time to drive forward innovation and give us a competitive edge in future product launches.

Our innovations and current lab projects include:

  • Superfast zero impact agentless network discovery
  • Scaling out very large database projects using low cost and open source database engines
  • Grid computing with semi redundant hardware and supermassive parallel processing for batch work
  • Applications defined entirely in the configuration layer while maintaining upgradeability
  • An interpreter for Microsoft Visual Basic ™ written in javascript
  • Technologies to rapidly integrate and federate data from many disparate sources with cohesive key algorithms and parallelism
  • Technology to discover IP phones
  • Agentless software usage monitoring technologies
  • Artificial intelligence frameworks to process cleansing, recognition and deduplication during the integration process including software recognition
  • Drilldownable chart tooling and libraries built over D3
  • Normalisation of very large database structures into a connective database framework
  • Single page applications and high performance web client architectures avoiding third party frameworks
  • We cut our own high performance builds of PostgreSQL and MariaDB with considerable performance gains
  • New technologies in Windows Endpoint Management

Most of the above technologies are either shipped in our products or due to be launched this year. Some of them are open sourced on Github but xAssets posts these projects anonymously.

Development Projects

In 2020 we completed all transitional development from v6 to v7 including a complete rewrite of the planned maintenance module. The XCS client scripting language was released, and we completed the planned architectural stack for v7.3

Our release schedule for 2022 introduces several technolgies including CIP, an improved workflow designer, endpoint management and software usage monitoring.

The key benefits of this years releases are:

  • Fast, slick and easy to use user interface
  • Using the latest web tech including single page applications
  • Massive performance and scalability
  • Support for all browsers including mobile devices
  • Very powerful, flexible and fast configuration toolset
  • Visual Basic style scripting language behind the web pages
  • Upgrade path for version 6 customers
  • Military grade security - our products now carry US air force certification
  • Designed for use on very large networks with high asset volumes

xAssets continues to focus on research and development to drive forward our technologies to bring market disrupting products and new technology frameworks to drive competitive advantage and benefits for end customers.

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