Solutions for Medium Sized Enterprises
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Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Small Enterprises


Enterprises with 200 to 1000 employees choose xAssets IT Asset Management professional edition because it delivers Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management and Discovery functionality with Active Directory Integration including Azure Active Directory, JAMF, Intune, JIRA, AWS, SCCM, GCP, Azure Servers, Email Alerts and its own advanced Discovery toolset in the core solution and only minimal configuration is needed to switch on those integrations and email alerts.

These Enterprises also choose xAssets Fixed Asset Management Software for solutions where Asset Accounting, Depreciation, Barcoding, Maintenance and Service Management are required.

xAssets Product Specialists provide SMEs with the help needed to install and evaluate the products at the presales stage, and this work can be carried across into the production server environment once evaluation is complete.


Key benefits for these Enterprises include:

  • Browser Based Software with a Sql Server Database
  • Fast low impact discovery toolset
  • Solutions can be configured and extended as your company grows
  • Integration tools are provided
  • Built in integrations for Intune, SCCM, JAMF, JIRA, AWS, GCP, Azure and Active Directory
  • Accessible Pricing

Medium Sized Enterprises


Medium Sized Enterprises choose xAssets IT Asset Management not only because it delivers the same benefits as required by Smaller Enterprises, but also because the solution can be easily extended and configured to meet the needs of the business

Organisations with between 1,000 and 5,000 employees typically install this software and develop integrations to the main Desktop Management and Server Management tools on the network. This enables a holistic view of the whole network, not only covering discovered information such as Software and Hardware specifications, but also backup history, services running and security provisions.


xAssets Fixed Asset Management Software has a similar appeal to Medium size Enterprises, since the core product will meet most requirements out of the box, the scalability of the product surpasses your data volumes, and the configuration and integration options allow you to extend and adapt the product to meet the needs of every user.

Configuration Options

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