Strategic considerations for IT Asset Management and Fixed Asset Management
Centralize data from many sources to create a single holistic repository of all important asset data
Ensure processes and workflows can fit your business needs and users can work efficiently without distraction from functional clutter

Strategic considerations for IT Asset Management and Fixed Asset Management


Good strategy starts with good processes and good data, not software. Data should be consolidated into a single repository to allow the business intelligence necessary to manage the asset base effectively.

The software must fit your business processes to ensure that your people can work efficiently, assets can be reused, risks are minimised and costs are controlled. xAssets gives you a starting point of all important asset lifecycle processes and through configuration we can quickly build on that to match exact business requirements and produce a system that fits your business exactly as needed.

Key strategic points:

  • Centralize data from multiple sources including AD, Intune, SCCM, accounting systems and other systems into one repository
  • Build out software to support business processes
  • Cover all the functions you need
  • Ensure the whole lifecycle of each asset is correctly managed and documented by the system

Data Flows in IT Asset Management

xAssets IT Asset Management sits at the center of your IT operations as a centralized data repository (CMDB) of Asset and Service information. Every group in IT has access to the system via a web browser to get up-to-date asset information. xAssets will typically collect information or federate information from some or all of the following to provide a complete and up-to-date IT asset repository:

IT Asset Management Flow Chart 2

Functions in Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management implementations typically start with an asset register which is imported from spreadsheets or accounting systems. We then key match into that data to integrate to other system to bring in costs, depreciation, leases, contracts and other financial information.

Fixed Asset Management - Asset Register Wheel Graphic

Functions in IT Asset Management

Integrations typically include Active Directory, Intune, SCCM, JAMF, JIRA, HP Webjet Admin, Accounting Systems, supplier provided spreadsheets and other integrations can be quickly built to ensure that the IT asset repository is a complete and holistic view of the deployed infrastructure.

IT Asset Management - Asset Register Wheel Graphic

Combining Functionality from IT and Fixed Asset Management Solutions

Customers can mix any functionality from either solution into their implementation. This allows requirements to be met without licensing restrictions.

Asset Lifecycle Processes

xAssets Fixed Asset Management and xAssets IT Asset Management both cover the entire asset lifecycle from Procurement to Disposal, including all financial aspects of those lifecycle elements.

Fixed Asset Management Solutions Flowchart

Flexibility and Configuration

There is considerable strategic advantage in implementing a solution which can be configured to fit corporate processes. Instead of having the shape your business to operate as the software requires, you can shape your business and the software to optimize asset lifecycle workflows and therefore minimise operational costs and reduce time spent on lifecycle processes.

All xAssets' solutions allow this flexibility, where the system is shaped to your requirements and each user group only sees the functions they need. This means lower training overhead and occasional users find it easy to use the system since they can go straight to the functionality they need quickly.

Configuration Options

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