Working with Assets
Core system features centred around assets
Facilitates increased productivity through ease of use, intelligent defaulting and bulk operations
Specification data and other configuration options enable the system to fit around each users role

Working With Assets


One of the primary considerations when designing the system was to make the system concise and easy to use. This meant that working with assets would be a simple yet concise process. Several multi-user labs were conducted with enterprise customers to prove the design and after 18 years of software development we now have the optimum solution for organisations of all sizes.

While some expert users may use the system frequently, other users only log in a few times per month to look things up, and those users do not necessarily recall all the details from their training - so one of the important design goals in our user interface was to ensure that the system could be used effectively for the most common functions with minimal or no training.

The most important outcome is the way that many system features are optional and yet when in use are tightly integrated with the core asset register. This means that all features are readily available and this has enabled closer integration of the features offered within the product.

The extensive configuration options enable the system to be shaped to each user's business processes. So each user profile only sees the data records, menu items, dashboards, searches, queries and reports that they need.

The search facilities are well integrated such that any action which could be taken against a group of assets, such as bulk update, disposal, or check out, is enabled.

Ease of Use

Substantial product development has been undertaken to ensure ease of use in all our solutions.

  • Users see just the menus, dashboards and records relevant to them
  • Easy navigation and drill down
  • Easy search options
  • Dashboards relevant to each user's role
  • Drag and drop, copy and paste supported for all movements, reclassifications and corrections
  • Bulk creation, bulk update and bulk disposal enables actions on many assets in a single edit
  • No client deployment - users can login from any computer in the company
  • Users can create new adhoc searches and queries to quickly find information
  • User interface is configured to specific user requirements

Immediate Benefits

Customer begin to see the benefits and cost saving of our software immediately after implementation. The savings in manpower from having a solid, reliable asset inventory accessible from any computer bring further benefits in cost savings, convenience, compliance and reuse.


All xAssets products are browser based, enabling users to access the application from any PC.

All products support font scaling, keyboard only entry and browser based on-screen zoom facilities to enable accessibility for visual impairments.

Configuration Options

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