IT and Fixed Asset Management Software

We have the best architecture to centralize asset data quickly, with powerful solutions, deep configurability, easy integration, and an awesome team who exceed expectations every time.

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Specific Requirements and Integrations

Build Great User Experiences

Super-slick "Single Page Application" architecture

Integrates with Intune, JIRA, SCCM, AWS, Azure, Entra, AutoPilot, GCP, JAMF, Dell, Lenovo, Meraki, AD, Kandji and many more

Users see only the processes and data they need

Connect anywhere with any browser or mobile

Discovery gathers the depth of information that agent-based tools can, yet runs agentlessly with no footprint

  • Build the processes you need quickly
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • No installation needed
  • No agents to manage
  • Integrate to any data source, web service or API
  • We manually recognise all software
  • Scalable to millions of assets and secure
  • Covers all types of assets
  • Direct access to product specialists in US and UK
  • Single Sign On (SSO) to any service provider

Review - Porsche USA

Awesome Product & Outstanding Support

Our overall experience is fantastic. xAssets is a huge upgrade from our old, manual system. We love the automation as a result of synchronizing with other systems. This product allowed us to be more efficient in managing our IT assets. Support is also very important to us and xAssets always resolves any incidents promptly. I hightly recommend xAssets for your IT asset managment needs.

Pros: I liked most the automation aspects of the solution and how we were able to customize it to fit our needs.

Cons: No complaints. Initially there were a few kinks with integration, however xAssets worked diligently to resolve those issues quickly.

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Why Choose xAssets ?

  • Fast and easy to use from any device
  • Scalable and secure
  • Configurable to meet your needs quickly
  • Direct access to product specialists in the US and UK
  • Fastest possible time to value
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Users only see the data and functions they need
Screenshot of assets in xAssets ITAM rendered on a Map using d3 and google maps overlay technology
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