Compare Hosted and Onsite Solutions
Hosted solutions save customers time and money
Onsite installations help customers with specific security or network requirements

Hosted and Onsite

We support hosted installations and on-premise installations. In Hosted we run the software and you access it through a web browser. With a local install you run our software on your servers. This page compares both models and allows customers to make an informed decision on which suits their needs best.

With hosted we can receive alerts and therefore provide more proactive support, so the customer experience is improved. But many customers understandably do not want hosted due to security concerns. While xAssets addresses these issues some implementations, including defense deployments, have no option but to choose on-premise.

Customers can switch between a hosted and on-premise solution at any time.

Compare hosted and on-premise solutions

The following table gives insight into how customers choose between a Hosted Solution or a on-premise Solution

Cloud Hosted
Speed of implementation Same day deployments Requires an on-premise server and remote setup
Upfront Cost Annual billing Perpetual or annual licensing
Software License Costs Included in annual fee Windows and Sql licensing paid for by customer
Data Security Frequent back ups and shipping to secure locations Customers implement their own backup strategy
Data on Corporate Backup Customers download database backup files on a regular basis Backups are performed on-premise and copied
Failover Failover to servers at a separate geographical location Customers implement their own failover strategy
Network Security SSL/https with the latest TLS protocols Data is not transmitted over the net
Internal policy Choose hosted if internal IT policy allows hosted applications Choose on-premise if Internal policy disallows hosted applications
Bandwidth Usage Minimal bandwidth usage even during a full Discovery The internet connection is not used
Opening Ports No ports to open. Only SSL port 443 is used The corporate internet connection is not used
Integration to Local Applications Collection servers are used to return data to the hosted service Full access to integrate to local applications
Vendor Lock-In No lock-ins - customers have full access to their data Data is stored locally and the customer has full access

Hosted Benefits

Hosted installations save on server purchases, software licensing, manpower and operational resources, saving your business time and money. And our Hosting Services have an excellent Disaster Recovery, Backup and Failover infrastructure which makes your installation reliable and resilient.

  • Fast support incident resolution because we have direct access
  • No software licensing costs
  • Use collection servers to send discovery and integration data to xAssets
  • Save money on hardware, software, operational and manpower costs
  • Purchased annually so admin and renewals are easy to manage
  • Access to data via browser and programmable web services
  • Full access to Sql Server backup files
  • Recognition data is updated automatically
  • Upgrades are done automatically out of hours
  • Disaster recovery and failover are included in the base service

Onsite Installation Benefits

Many customers have specific security requirements, such as defence installations, customers holding sensitive asset data and customers whose security policy does not allow the storage of data outside of their firewall. These customers benefit from running xAssets Applications inside their firewall on a Windows Server.

  • All data resides on-premise
  • Direct access to the Sql Server for customized queries and custom applications
  • Customer controls backup, failover and disaster recovery
  • Existing server resources and licenses can be reused to host the application
  • xAssets will push recognition data updates via web services, if required
  • Receive installation, configuration and support assistance through web based services such as Microsoft Teams
  • Licensing can be perpetual or annual
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