IT Asset Management Software
Optimize IT with a central database for all asset, cloud, SAM and service data
Rapid configuration meets all requirements quickly with enterprise scalability and cloud or on-premise options
Agentless discovery with integration to SCCM, AD, MLS, discovery tools and other IT systems

Adaptive Full Lifecycle IT Asset Management Software


Key IT and compliance data is rolled up into one place for a holistic approach to planning and decision making


Combine full lifecycle IT asset management with SCCM and AD integration, zero impact agentless network discovery, software asset management, help desk and service management, procurement, desktop management, server management, contract management and asset disposal


Solutions are quickly architectured to customer requirements and can be cloud or on-premise. The software fits your business, you don't have to change your business to use the software. As your requirements evolve and ITAM processes mature, the system changes with you


No modules or editions, and no apps or agents to install. Pricing is structured per user and per asset, all functionality in all modules is available to all customers. Functionality is cut down for each user group so they only see the functions they need.


Accessible pricing, optional cloud hosting and short implementation times mean a quick return on investment


All xAssets solutions are security certified by the US air force and support very large networks with 100,000+ assets.

  • Centralize IT data and processes — data centers are managed alongside on-premise assets
  • Superfast zero impact agentless network discovery across all common platforms
  • No apps, no client software, no agents — access the system via any web browser
  • No complexity — users only see what they need and only minimal training needed
  • Rapid and powerful configuration toolset — we'll configure it for you
  • We host the software for you on powerful servers, on-premise is also supported
  • Security certified by the US Air Force
  • Fast and scalable architecture

Functionality built around your business

Core functions are listed below, and these are extended and adapted to meet your needs through the configuration layer:

IT Asset Management - Asset Register Wheel Graphic
  • Full lifecycle asset management
  • Software asset management and software license compliance
  • Contract management
  • Agentless discovery of common device types
  • Desktop management, server management and cloud asset management
  • Procurement and purchase order workflow processing
  • Financials and depreciation
  • Spares and storage
  • Service Management, Help Desk and Planned Maintenance
  • Integrate to any systems including SCCM, AD and discovery tools
  • Add any new functionality quickly through configuration

Using our flexible and extensible configuration layer, xAssets solutions adapt and evolve with your business. Functions can be extended and new functions created at any time. Discovery has a socket architecture which allows you to plug in scripts and new discovery tools which execute either per-node or across many nodes. Integrations are very quick to develop and can connect to any data source. Additional data fields and tables can be added to the data model through the user interface allowing rapid functional enhancement without the need for a development team.

All aspects of the system including dashboards, queries, forms, reports, integrations, data handling and workflow can be configured to customer requirements. Configuration is mostly done within the user interface and is very quick. Most implementations are done in 1-2 weeks and a one year development project with competitive products would typically be done in 3-4 weeks with xAssets.

IT Asset Management Flowchart

Built for productivity and ease of use

Full utilization and maximum benefit are achieved quickly through excellent performance, scalability, high availability, cross browser accessibility, relevance to users role and data, consistency, configuration to meet exact requirements and ease of use.

Users only see the functions and data they need. This minimises training and retraining overheads and maximises efficiency and productivity. Users are mapped into groups with each group having the same permissions and the same visibility. Users can be attached to a location, department, other logical entity and can only see assets relative to that location. This minimises the amount of data they are exposed to, which increases efficiency and security.

Desktop dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.$PCs my Manufacturer and Model gives a drilldownable hierarchy with charts at the higher levels and records at lower levels. Any drilldown structure can be implemented across all data types$A drilldownable hierarchy of computers by operating system. The next slide shows the drilldown screen after clicking a single segment in the chart$Once a user has clicked a drilldownable chart segment, another breakdown of the data for that segment is presented$A dashboard screen from the desktop dashboard showing PCs at risk either by having Windows Update disabled or by having an out-of-date Windows Defender signature$Server Roles and Features are picked up by the discovery engine to allow easy reporting for which server roles are deployed$IMAC — Installations, Movements, Additions and Changes — show all the infrastructure changes in IT between a specified date range. The date range is displayed at the footer of the report.$The Virtual Hosts and Guests report lists each VM host and all the guest VMs on that host including stopped instances$Spare parts and assets in storage are tracked by the system and can be deployed instantly from the system$The asset dashboard combines desktops, servers and other inventory into a unified reporting structure$Drilldown from the asset dashboard gives a detailed list of assets presented as records, and clicking a record allows the asset to be viewed in detail and edited$Clicking an asset from any query presents an editing screen with tabs where users can edit all aspects of data stored against assets$Images and documents can be associated with asset records and any other records in the system. Multiple images can be dragged and dropped onto any record from Windows Explorer$Inter asset relationships are auto discovered and represented in the system. Relationships supported include PC-monitor, Computer-software license, VM host to guest, Sql Host to Sql Instance, Containment, Backup, Dependencies, etc and additional relationship types can be added and discovered$The software dashboard gives the most important charts for SAM management and infrastructure operations. Each chart can be zoomed to a mainscreen or drilled-down in-situ$From the software dashboard, the top 25 software titles can be analysed to see which titles are most in use$From the software licensing dashboard you can drill down to manage all licenses or specific licenses which are heavily used. The system also tracks software expenditure$The software licensing summary report — summarises use of each software title$The software licensing detail report — gives detail on each computer consuming a software license
Image 1 of 19 - Desktop dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.

Integrate to anything quickly

All xAssets Implementations include one of the most powerful integration toolsets available — xAssets Data Transformation Services. Data can be exchanged with any data source including local databases, web services, office files, other files and all major database applications.

All solutions include pre-built integrations to the following data sources:

  • Microsoft System Center SCCM
  • Active Directory
  • HP Web JetAdmin Printer Discovery
  • Insight License Advisor
  • MLS Software License Statement

Standard imports are provided and loaders can be built for any data source.

xAssets ITAM sits at the center of your IT operations as a centralized data repository (CMDB) of Asset and Service information. Every group in IT has access to the system via a web browser to get up-to-date asset information. xAssets will typically collect information or federate information from some or all of the following to provide a complete and up-to-date IT asset repository.

  • Accounting and Procurement Systems
  • HR Systems
  • IT toolkits
  • Patch systems
  • Printer inventory systems
  • Discovery tools
  • Service Desk
  • Supplier Databases
  • Web Services and API based hosted assets
  • Spreadsheets, documents and text files
  • Other Database systems
  • Generate data directly using scripts in any language
IT Asset Management Flow Chart 2

Read more about integration here

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