IT Asset Management
Gain deep insights into your IT, software and cloud assets and reduce spending
Optimize IT operations and get compliant
Our adaptive platform changes with you as your business evolves
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IT Asset Management

We remove the time and cost barriers to acquiring an ITAM system that closely fits your business.

  • Discover your network and centralize data from all sources
  • Optimize ITAM and increase productivity
  • Address software license compliance
  • Save money on asset reuse, software optimization, efficiency and address overspending

xAssets has the best architecture to achieve this quickly

  • Fast and easy to use from any device
  • Users see only the data and functions they need
  • Powerful configuration enables reporting and workflow needs to be met quickly
  • Agentless discovery with zero impact on endpoints
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise
  • Scalable and secure
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with any provider

Most requirements are met "out of the box" allowing excellent time to value.

Rapid configuration allows complex needs including workflow, reporting and integrations to be done quickly.

Even complex needs and new functions can be often be configured quickly.


  • Full lifecycle IT asset register and CMDB
  • Hardware and software asset management
  • Integrate with Intune, JIRA, Meraki, Azure, AD, System Center and others
  • Agentless zero impact network discovery
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Financials and depreciation
  • Barcoding
  • Spares and storage
  • Key performance indicators and management reporting
Screenshot of the default home page for the xAssets IT Asset Management product

Build Great User Experiences

xAssets ITAM is quickly shaped to meet the requirements of each user group.

  • Users only see the functions and data needed
  • Quickly build queries and reports
  • Build new processes and workflows
  • Integrate to any system
  • Add new data to any table, import/integrate data from any source
  • Add new functionality
  • Email notifications
  • New discovery sockets can be added and existing discovery methods can be extended

Many configuration changes are provided free of charge as part of your support subscription. The software is built on top of a configurable platform where not only can you adjust menu items, reports and processes, but also create entirely new functionality to support complex requirements, while maintaining upgradeability.


All editions include a comprehensive asset register discovery and software reporting

Express Edition
Free for one user, no time limit
Cloud hosted
Additional users $60/month
Discover 100 endpoints per user
Integration to AD, AWS, GCP, Azure
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Professional Edition
Priced per named user
Cloud hosted
Named users only, 2 minimum
Discovery licensed per endpoint
Integration to AD/AWS/GCP/Azure/Intune/SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - with assistance
Workflow customization
Enterprise Edition
Base license includes two users
Cloud Hosted or On-Premise
Named, concurrent and light users
Discovery licensed per endpoint
Integration to all cloud and IT apps
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - we do it for you
Workflow built to requirements

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All contact data is safely stored encrypted on locked down servers with SOC 2 / ISO 27001 and STIG compliance. We do not send marketing emails and we do not share your contact data with other companies.

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Review - Porsche USA

Awesome Product & Outstanding Support

Our overall experience is fantastic. xAssets is a huge upgrade from our old, manual system. We love the automation as a result of synchronizing with other systems. This product allowed us to be more efficient in managing our IT assets. Support is also very important to us and xAssets always resolves any incidents promptly. I hightly recommend xAssets for your IT asset managment needs.

Pros: I liked most the automation aspects of the solution and how we were able to customize it to fit our needs.

Cons: No complaints. Initially there were a few kinks with integration, however xAssets worked diligently to resolve those issues quickly.

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Powerful Data Visualization

Use data visualization to leverage the information collected by discovery and integration to get answers fast.

Visualization includes tables, charts, reports, excel extracts and maps. Users can create their own queries and reports and make them part of the system. The user interface is fast and slick (sub-second response times) so you can search, drill up and drill down quickly to find the information required.

Screenshot of assets in xAssets IT Asset Management Software rendered on a Map using d3 and google maps overlay technology

Achieve Software Compliance

Minimize the workload needed to achieve compliance using our advanced recognition and reconciliation capabilities.

Software Asset Management Flowchart - three steps are: discover the network, import software asset records and reconcile, then report on the software license compliance position and get compliant
  • Discover the entire network and all cloud assets, then remove unwanted software
  • Import the MLS statement and purchase orders, then match off against recognized software
  • Use built in compliance reports and license or uninstall underlicensed software

All customers receive software recognition services to ensure that discovered titles are 100% recognised

Click to view a sample software report >>

Example Software Compliance Report

Sample screenshot of a software licensing report from xAssets IT Asset Management Software

Discover large networks with no impact

Superfast agentless zero impact network discovery of all common platforms

Our discovery tool is used for true-up auditing and has successfully discovered millions of computers on thousands of networks worldwide

  • Windows
  • VMWare ESX
  • Linux and Unix
  • Apple
  • Docking Stations
  • IP Phones
  • SSH equipment
  • SNMP equipment - routers, switches, firewalls and hubs etc
  • Custom discovery sockets can be added through configuration
  • Extract complete asset data from Intune, SCCM, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Azure and others

xAssets Network Discovery returns the depth of information that agent-based tools can, yet it runs agentlessly, has no impact, and leaves no footprint on the endpoint.

no endpoint management issues
discover 70 nodes per second and each node takes around 4 seconds to complete
Zero impact
the user does not know their computer is being discovered and no footprint left on the endpoint
Remote endpoints
off domain and disconnected endpoints can still be discovered
Virtual friendly
can discover VDI and virtual guests without stressing host resources
Supports hundreds of parallel discoveries without stressing network resources

Use KPIs to make informed business decisions

The CMDB within xAssets ITAM contains a wealth of information on software, hardware, locations, relationships and dependencies. Both day to day operations and strategic decision making are complemented by leveraging this information into a suite of on-screen and printable management reports and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Key performance indicators include:

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Expenditure
  • Value driven reporting
  • Aging, expenditure, resources, low specificiation assets and roles
  • Software compliance
  • Sql server databases
  • Performance measures

As with all xAssets' functionality, the KPI and reporting suite can be configured and extended to meet your specific requirements.

Click to view a sample KPI reporting screen >>

Example KPI Reporting Screen

Screenshot of a monthly expenditure report from xAssets IT Asset Management

Integrate to any data source quickly

xAssets implementations include one of the most powerful integration toolsets available — xAssets Data Transformation Services. Data can be exchanged with any data source including local databases, web services, office files, other files and all major database applications.

Pre-Built Integrations :

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft System Center SCCM
  • Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
  • JAMF, Cisco Meraki and Kandji
  • VMWare
  • Cloud systems including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and JIRA
  • HP Web JetAdmin Printer Discovery
  • MLS Software License Statement
  • Dell and Lenovo Warranties
  • Ivanti, Altiris and other similar tools
  • Single Sign On (SSO) with any provider

Standard imports are provided and loaders can be built for any data source.

xAssets ITAM sits at the center of your IT operations as a centralized data repository (CMDB) of Asset and Service information. Every group in IT has access to the system via a web browser to get up-to-date asset information.

IT Asset Management Data Flow Diagram

Substantial benefits can be drawn even by customers who do not actively maintain the asset register, but simply allow scheduled discovery and integrations to run to keep asset information up to date automatically.

Read more about integration here


Use any browser or mobile device

Apps and other installed software can be costly to maintain, so xAssets solutions are browser based and can be used from any device without installation.

Our software uses a "Single Page Application" architecture. This means the screen is never refreshed completely, content only changes when needed. This makes the end user experience slick and fast.

Screenshot of xAssets IT Asset Management software working on an Apple IPhone

Core Server Infrastructure and Integrations

  • Windows Server 2016, 2019 or 2022
  • Sql Server 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and MariaDB
  • Microsoft IIS web server
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Microsoft Intune Integration
  • System Center (SCCM) Integration
  • Cloud integrations include Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, JAMF, JIRA, Meraki
  • Cloud hosted on hardened servers in SSAE-16 datacenters

Customers can choose cloud hosted or on-premise and can switch between these models at any time

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