Hardware Discovery Service
The quickest way to found out what you have, who has it, and where it is
A cloud service to discover your network and pull asset information from all sources
including SCCM, Intune, JAMF, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and any other cloud and local data sources

Hardware Discovery Service


xAssets Hardware Discovery Service uses the xAssets Network Discovery product in a hosted environment to provide the quickest route to a complete Hardware Inventory.

Our certified product specialists connect with each customer to discover the whole network and provide hardware inventory reports. You don't need any specific expertise to run the service because our product specialists control it for you. The service can also include the xAssets Software Discovery Service.

The service is hosted, fast, affordable, quick to setup, has no effect on the network, does not deploy agents, and does not need any ports opened. We deploy a small collection server tool onto a single machine in the customers network to collect discovery information.

We run discovery for up to 30 days and then allow access to the user interface and reports library for an additional 30 days. The service can then be extended if the customer wishes to continue.

The Fastest Route to Hardware Inventory

  • A hosted solution for companies with 200 to 100,000 nodes
  • Discover the Entire Network and off-network assets
  • Get detailed reports on Windows Devices and SNMP Equipment

The discovery process can usually begin as soon as we install the service. Customers with less than 1,000 nodes usually get useful reports on the same day as service deployment. For a typical organisation with 15,000 discoverable IP based IT assets, visibility of the legal compliance position can be available in a few days and accurate compliance status position statements can be taken within four weeks.


  • Discover Hardware Installed across the Network
  • Import assets and instances from Intune, SCCM, JAMF, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
  • Get detailed information on Asset Specifications and Capabilities
  • Identify weaknesses and problems which may lead to future incidents
  • Discover Network Kit, PCs, VMs, Monitors, Attached Devices and Printers
  • Information collected can assist decision support for new software and OS deployment projects
  • Software Asset Management reports can also be provided

Information Collected

The discovery processes uses a wide variety of discovery techniques to collect Hardware information from assets across the network including the following:

  • SNMP Devices including Serial Numbers
  • Serial Numbers, Names, IPs, MAC Addresses and Network Information
  • Attached Devices
  • Printers
  • CPU, Memory, Disk, Swap File Attributes
  • Capability to run on any Windows Platform
  • Virtual Machine Hosts and Guests are fully discovered
  • Monitors including Serial Numbers
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