Solutions for Defense, Government and Public Sector
Able to meet the complex requirements, security, performance and scalability needs of government
Including defense, education, police forces, utilities, state departments and councils
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Solutions for Defense, Government and Public Sector

Our applications have been security cleared by the US Air Force for SIPRNET and NIPRNET usage

xAssets solutions are designed from the ground up to meet the complex and data volume requirements of government entities, defense entities and public sector clients. We start with a base system and within a short timeframe we can build out to the customer's exact requirements at low cost.

xAssets IT Asset Management provides comprehensive ITAM functions such as IT Inventory, Software Asset Management, Zero Impact Discovery and other CMDB features within security certified product. xAssets Fixed Asset Management and Asset LifeCycle Processes can be extended into areas such as cross charging, SOA structured interdependencies, and integrations into core IT and other systems.

Government, defense and education clients benefit from our ability to meet any requirement quickly, and later their ability to grow and evolve along with the client's own unique requirements. This means that the customer continues to receive more and more benefits as the system grows with them. This extensibility stems from the exposed API and the deep configurability of all aspects of our systems. What this means for Public Sector clients is that they can be assured of their software investment having the longest life cycle possible, providing the highest ROI for their budget dollars.

Some other factors that make us a choice for state and local government clients include:

  • The software has been USAF certified for SIPRNET and NIPRNET
  • Licensing models that can accommodate Government fiscal and procurement requirements
  • Flexible evaluation and proof of concept programs that help with long decision cycles
  • Fast implementation times, which reduces impact on already stretched resources
  • Ability to quickly authorize and support Contract Service Providers
  • Standard and configurable Compliance Reports for Software and other auditable standards
  • Encryption, Authentication and DR standards that meet and exceed Government requirements

Features integration tools, browser based client and fast, zero impact discovery and scalability to millions of asset records, make our products ideal for large enterprises who want to implement a single, centralized asset management solution.

xAssets product specialists provide public sector clients with the help needed to install and evaluate the products at the presales stage and this work can be carried across into the production server environment once evaluation is complete.


Key benefits for all enterprise and public sector implementations include:

  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Users only see functions and data relevant to them
  • No installation needed, use any browser or mobile
  • Configured to your needs with rapid implementation
  • Integrate to any data source, web service or API
  • Built in integrations include SCCM, AWS, Azure, JAMF, Meraki, JIRA, ..
  • We manually recognise all software and hardware
  • Scalable to millions of assets and secure
  • Covers all types of assets
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