Asset Management Software made easy

We remove the time and cost barriers to implementing asset management that closely fits your business

Our solutions have the best architecture to achieve excellent time to value, minimal impact and maximum benefits

Leading Edge Technology

Use the software in any browser or mobile device. Our super-slick user interface operates without page refreshes and includes a powerful reporting engine.

Our platform allows deep customization. We can meet almost any asset-centric functional requirement in relatively short times.

We've invested heavily in product development - combined with running SAM true-up audits on thousands of networks, we have built a powerful and stable product suite that works for everyone on every network.

Our discovery tool returns the depth of information that agent-based tools can, yet it runs agentlessly, it has no impact, and leaves no footprint on the client.

  • Configured to your needs with rapid implementation
  • Cloud or on-premise
  • No installation needed, use any browser or mobile
  • Users only see functions and data relevant to them
  • Integrate to any data source or web service
  • Built in integration to Microsoft System Center SCCM
  • We manually recognise all software and hardware
  • Scalable to millions of assets and secure
  • Covers all types of assets and unusual requirements can be met

Why xAssets?

  • Meeting your requirements quickly and effectively is our core strength
  • Secure and scalable browser based systems with mobile support
  • Direct access to certified product specialists based in US and UK
  • Subscription includes ongoing basic configuration services
  • Fastest possible time to value
  • Cloud or on-prem and zero outages since we started hosting in 2003
  • Easy to use and users only see the data and functions they need

DoD Security Certification

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US 800 691 9120

UK 01225 700833

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