Network Discovery
Fast and complete network discovery without deploying agents
Scalable for large enterprise networks with many subnets and credentials

Network Discovery Software


  • Discover Windows, ESX, HyperV, VMs, Linux/Unix, SNMP and IP Phones with no agents
  • Software Asset Management with 100% software recognition
  • Enterprise class discovery software scalable to over 100,000 assets
  • Fast, light, very low bandwidth
  • Discover Monitors, Sql Server Editions and Instances, and Virtual Machines
  • Browser based and scalable to very large networks
  • Active Directory, SCCM and Printer Discovery Integration
  • Asset management system allows manual data fields and manual Asset entry
  • Hosted SAAS or Locally Installed


xAssets Network Discovery enables organisations of all sizes to discover their network quickly without side effects and without deploying agents. The software includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allowing Hardware Inventory, IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and License Compliance from within a single browser based application.

This gives a holistic view of the entire network and offers the fastest route to a complete network inventory and License Compliance. For SME's this can often be achieved within a few hours of installation. Large Enterprises benefit from the configuration options and scalability offered by the solution. Complex and unusual requirements can be met, new business functions can be added via configuration. Access to the "nuts and bolts" of the discovery engine allows a strategic and balanced approach to network discovery in large and complex networks.

Network Discovery includes the core Asset Register which ships with all our products. This Asset Management functionality allows users to manually enter assets, change or add data to discovered assets, and the configuration layer allows easy changes to forms and add new data columns. The full functionality included with the product is shown below:


Portfolio dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.$Drilldownable charts give easy visual access to asset data, trends, distributions and changes. Charts, queries and reports are all different representations of the same thing - "queries", so requirements are met through the configuration layer by build queries specific to each customer's needs$Bar charts and pie charts are supported in all queries$List of recognized primary software titles on a discovered computer including date installed, date discovered and date uninstalled$Asset history records every change to every asset by user and date$Images and any kind of document can be attached to assets, incidents and most other data entities in the database$Windows servers, auto run programs, patches, software keys and many other values are collected by discovery and by SCCM integration$Queries can be configured to run in a context, which leads to specific functionality relevant to that query and the surrounding workflow$Asset editing forms can be specific to category and user group and can be configured to requirements$IMACS reporting is fully supported - Installations, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMACS) reports on all changes to asset infrastructure between defined dates. These reports (and any other report in the system) can also be issued through email alerts as email text content or as email attachments$IP addresses, subnets and blocks can be mapped to locations and technology specific credential packs allowing discovery without specifying per-device credentials which is difficult to maintain$Inter asset relationships are auto discovered and represented in the system. Relationships supported include PC-monitor, Computer-software license, VM host to guest, Sql Host to Sql Instance, Containment, Backup, Dependencies, etc and additional relationship types can be added and discovered$Software reports and the associated calculation engine are configured to each customers needs and include license allocation, downgrade rights, and licensing schemes including Microsoft Software Assurance are covered.
Image 1 of 13 - Portfolio dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.
Network Discovery Wheel Graphic


xAssets Network Discovery can be evaluated onsite or as a hosted service. We offer 30 day fully functional open license evaluations allowing discovery of the entire network and to experience the full benefits of the software. Evaluation benefits can include a complete hardware inventory and the current software license compliance position. Enterprise customers are granted extended evaluation periods where appropriate. Please contact us to request an evaluation, or click sign up for a free hosted trial.


  • Reduce help desk call resolution times
  • Establish License Compliance position
  • Track all IT assets, not just discovered nodes
  • Management reporting and graphical drilldown
  • Track changes as they occur
  • Identifies security issues such as AV and patch
  • Receive notifications on any changes
  • Configurable to meet any requirements


  • Fast, low bandwidth, zero impact discovery
  • Discovers routers, hubs, switches, printers etc
  • Discovers Software and Hardware
  • Discovers monitors and parent PC relationship
  • Discovers virtual machines and host relationship
  • Contracts, Leases and Warranties
  • Remove unauthorised software installations
  • Discover broken AV and patch implementations

Technology and Performance

The discovery engine has been optimized for performance in every possible respect. Discovery of a Windows computer is usually complete within 4 seconds and we can discover a 5000 node network in 2 hours with no impact on the network or on the end client machines. Despite this excellent performance we discover more information than many discovery tools that run for 20 minutes.

To understand more about how xAssets Network Discovery compares to other solutions such as Agent Based and Agentless solutions, click here

The asset management system which xAssets Network Discovery was built on is browser based and accessible from any computer on your network. The latest Microsoft.NET technology is used to provide a browser based ASP.NET Application running on Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server with a Microsoft Sql Server 2008R2/2012/R2/2014/2016 Database. The software is available as a Hosted Installation or as a Local Installation and supports a WSDL web services API, a .NET direct call API, and a scripted command processing language.

Who Benefits ?

Help Desk - cut resolution times

Upon receiving a call, the help desk can immediately look up the Asset via a web browser, see recent changes to the asset, and see what software is installed and the date it first appeared. Drill down into services, disk space and size, CPU, memory, security settings, and many other attributes of the machine to assist with call resolution. Technicians can also access the system from any computer to review asset information during the resolution process.

Desktop Support - visibility of desktop assets

Access the system from any computer to look at discovered computer attributes in a simple browser window. Review assets low on disk space and fix them before they break. Analyse which computers are running illegal software and remove it. Review software installations and the date the software first appeared on the computer. Plan disposals easily based on lease end dates and warranty expiry dates.

Server Support - visibility of server assets

Analyse servers in depth to look for potential problems and ensure your IT processes keep running smoothly. xAssets Network Discovery tracks server disk space, installed software, patches installed and many other computer attributes. VMs are discovered including the host to guest inter-asset relationship.

Network Operations - visibility of SNMP equipment

SNMP equipment is discovered, recognized and categorised, enabling Network Ops to get accurate device information and statistics from the browser interface. Additional asset data and non-discovered network assets can be entered manually to maintain a holistic view of all network assets.

Software Asset Managers

Discover what software is in use, match discovered titles against licensed purchases, and remove unwanted software from the network. Software recognition is done for you as part of the ongoing service. The license compliance position is reported on demand. Get email notifications when a user installs software.

IT Management

IT Managers can access charts, tables, queries and reports from all sections of IT, including compliance reports. This allows rapid decision support, familiarity with the inventory, and the business intelligence needed to ensure that IT is run correctly.

End Users

Discovery is fast, light and invisible. Users don't know its been run even if their computer is busy on CPU, Disk or Network intensive tasks. Other discovery tools are known to throw up unwanted error messages and can churn away for 20 minutes or more per day. xAssets Discovery usually finishes within 4 seconds of starting and yet discovers more information than most other discovery tools.


Pricing is lower than our competitors and changes with the size of the network being discovered. Quotations are constructed as follows:

  • A base server license fee covering two users
  • A cost per discovered node
  • A cost for additional users
  • Optional cost per discovered Mac, ESX, Linux and Unix computer
  • Configuration services and training if needed

SNMP nodes and non-Windows devices do not count as licensable nodes even though we discover those items in depth with SNMP. SNMP nodes are included within the server license.

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xAssets Network Discovery is available as both a Hosted "Software As a Service" application and as an onsite server installation installed within the customers firewall.


xAssets Network Discovery is based on the xAssets Enterprise Framework, which is the most configurable and scalable asset management solutions available. Menu items, queries, profiles, integrations, data movements, triggers, business rules, reports, forms and processes can be configured from within the user interface. This flexibility makes the software ideal for large enterprises with complex requirements, whilst also providing the flexibility for SMEs to adjust the system to meet their exact requirements.

Evaluation Criteria and Competitive Analysis for SMEs

SMEs choose xAssets Network Discovery for the following reasons:

  • No Agents Installed on Discovered Desktops, Laptops or Servers
  • Browser Based Client means no Installation on End User PCs
  • Comprehensive Software Asset Management and Licensing features
  • Compliance Standard ISO-19770 is easily achieved with the help of this software
  • AD Integration and SCCM / SMS Integration are built in
  • Hardware Inventory includes devices, monitors, VM Host Relationship and Services
  • Security Specialists can use the software to determine correct configuration
  • Services running on both Servers and Desktops
  • Accessible Pricing

Evaluation Criteria and Competitive Analysis for Large Enterprises

In addition to the points above, Large Enterprises and Public Sector choose xAssets Network Discovery for the following reasons:

  • Scalability to support over 100,000 Windows Devices and 1,000,000 other assets
  • Configuration features enable the software to adapt to each users specific needs
  • Self Service portals can be configured to allow end user access
  • User groups can be restricted to just the data and functionality they need to see for their role
  • Intensive Support ensures maximum ROI and benefits
  • Configuration can continue when the application is in production
  • Powerful Integration toolset allows easy integration to any system
  • Strategic placement of Collection Servers enables discovery of disparate networks
  • Collection Servers can also be placed to collect data from databases on other networks
  • Data federation allows data from other systems to be hotlinked into xAssets queries
  • Lower Pricing than competitors
  • Architecture allows easy setup of Disaster Recovery and Failover provisions

Configuration Options

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