Network Discovery is now part of our IT Asset Management solution
Fast and complete network discovery without deploying agents
Scalable for large enterprise networks with many subnets and credentials

Network Discovery Software


  • Discover Windows, ESX, HyperV, VMs, Linux/Unix, SNMP and IP Phones with no agents
  • Software Asset Management with 100% software recognition
  • Enterprise class discovery software scalable to over 100,000 assets
  • Fast, light, very low bandwidth
  • Discover Monitors, Sql Server Editions and Instances, and Virtual Machines
  • Browser based and scalable to very large networks
  • Active Directory, SCCM and Printer Discovery Integration
  • Asset management system allows manual data fields and manual Asset entry
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise


xAssets Network Discovery is now a part of our IT asset management suite, and is also accessible as a hosted service either via the IT Asset Management suite or via the Software Discovery Service

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