Network Discovery Software
Get deep insights into all IT assets and software
Scalable and secure with agentless and work from home options
Discover complex networks with multiple credentials and firewalls
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Network Discovery Software

We have the best technology for discovering local, hybrid and cloud assets, including large and complex networks and companies with work from home employees.

Centralize asset data from discovery and integrations, giving a "single pane of glass" view.

Discover networks agentlessly, or deploy an agent for work from home devices.

  • Discover Windows, ESX, Hyper-V, VMs, Linux, Unix, SNMP devices, IP Phones
  • Discover monitors, Sql Server, Exchange Servers, Virtual Machines
  • Integrate with Active Directory, Azure, Entra, Intune, Autopilot, SCCM, JAMF, Meraki, JIRA
  • Extend to collect any available endpoint attribute
  • Supports custom fields, manual asset entry and imports from any source
  • Invisible to users

Why xAssets?

  • Fast and easy to use from any device
  • Fully automated
  • No agents on network assets
  • Superfast low impact discovery with agentless and WFH options
  • Powerful Reporting and Visualizations
  • Scalable and secure with SSO
  • Configurable to meet your needs quickly
  • Excellent ROI
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All editions include an asset register with network discovery and software reporting

Express Edition
Free for 100 nodes
Cloud hosted
Single user, first 100 nodes free
Additional users $45/month
Discover 100 nodes per user license
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to Azure, Intune, SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Professional Edition
Priced per endpoint
Cloud hosted
Unlimited users
Named users only, 2 minimum
Discovered nodes are priced separately
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to Azure, Intune, SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable with assistance
Enterprise Edition
Priced per endpoint
Cloud hosted or on-premise
User licenses can be purchased
Named, concurrent and light users
Discovered nodes are priced separately
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to Azure, Intune, SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - we do it for you
Express Edition Pricing Examples
Monthly USD
Annual USD
1 100 Free Free
2 200 $45 $540
5 500 $180 $2,160
10 1,000 $405 $4,860
50 5,000 $2,205 $26,460

Only endpoints running Windows, UX or Mac consume a license. Other network devices and IP phones are free.

Get a Free Trial, Demo and Quote

Whats Included in the demo?

  • Free instance
  • Open licensing during evaluation
  • Perpetual license for 1 user, 100 IT assets and 1000 fixed assets
  • Strategy and demo session with a product specialist
  • Written proposal and quote

Free instances are free forever with no payment required.

Discover networks quickly

Our PC discovery tool is the fastest available, with average time for a deep discovery of around 4 seconds. The default discovery speed is 100 devices per minute using 0.1% of a 1GBPS network card. This can scale to discover 10,000 assets in one minute using 10% of a 1GBPS network card.

We discover assets in a corporate network using a "collection server". This is a small Windows virtual machine which can discover any device visible on that network. A collection server can discover assets with different credentials and domains if network visibility exists.

The software infers the location of assets from the asset IP address, and Active Directory (Azure/Entra or local) connects user data. The software cleans, validates and recognises discovery data before it enters the database.

The product includes a service to recognize unrecognized software.


Our integration toolkit centralizes data from any file, database, application, scanner, or web service. We can match, cleanse, recognise and map data to or from any source to any destination. The end result is a centralized database with data from all available data sources, providing a "single pane of glass" view of your assets.

What can we discover?

The following device types are discovered:

  • Windows
  • Apple, Linux, Unix and AIX
  • ESX, Hyper-V and Virtual Machines
  • Software on all endpoints is discovered and recognised
  • Dell Docking stations
  • Routers, Switches and other SNMP devices
  • IP Phones
  • Monitors
  • Sql Server
  • Exchange Servers
  • Printers
  • Cloud assets and edge assets
  • WFH computers are discovered over a web connection
  • Integrate with Dell and Lenovo for warranty tracking

Our network discovery tool integrates to Intune, JAMF, Meraki, JIRA, Dell and Lenovo Warranties to import asset information. We can also integrate to any web service, application, database or file.

Fast, Scalable and Secure

Our network discovery toolset is fast, scalable, secure, has no impact on the endpoint and no impact on the network. The software is written in C++ which performs at many times the speed of .NET C# applications.

We use the software to discover millions of assets for Microsoft software agreement annual true-up audits. We have been running this service since 2009. This means the software is secure, stable and robust enough to run on thousands of enterprise networks worldwide.

The US Air Force certified that xAssets products could be used on US air force networks - NIPRNET and SIPRNET. This means the product is written to the highest standards and has passed stringent tests covering all aspects of software security in a web-based environment. The software is also FIPS compliant.

xAssets supports Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) using Azure, Duo, OKTA or OneLogin.

Work from Home and Remote Device Discovery

Discover devices which are not present on the network in one of the following ways:

  • Discover devices through VPN subnets
  • Send a one-time discovery link to users
  • Send a link to users which installs the agent
  • Install through group policy, Intune, or SCCM

In all cases discovered information is automatically sent to the application server and loaded into the database.

Discovery is invisible to the user and has no effect the device.

Deep Discovery of Windows Computers

Discovery tools often use WMI and registry. These are insufficient for providing the deep intelligence required for modern ITAM and Software Asset Management. Our discovery engine includes the following technologies and features:

  • WMI and Registry
  • Executable file headers are discovered with a disk scan
  • Disk technology such as SSD, NVMe, Raid level, serial space and size
  • Software SWIDs and Adobe SCA settings assist with license identification
  • Antivirus version signatures
  • Discover CPU capabilities needed for software licensing models
  • Peripherals including Dell Docking Stations

This depth of information enables accurate calculation of the software licensing position and gives deeper insights into all aspects of IT asset management.

Deep Discovery of Sql Server Instances

Our windows discovery tool includes the ability to discover SQL Server instances and databases. The following information is collected:

  • A list of Sql Server instances with edition and version for each instance
  • A list of Sql Server databases stored on each instance
  • A list of Sql Server files associated with each database, including date created, size and space

This inventory of Sql Server databases and instances provides a valuable resource to database administrators and security administrators:

  • Know where sensitive data may be stored
  • Check that live databases are backed up
  • Check that the host machine includes disk mirroring and failover
  • Check that all Sql instances are correctly licensed
  • Understand the risk exposure of having Sql Server databases on development machines and test instances

Infer Location from IP Address

Locations are inferred from asset IP ranges. Through the configuration layer, we can also infer any data field from any other. For example if the department code is embedded in part of the computer name, we can populate the department field using this data.

Screenshot of assets in xAssets Network Discovery rendered on a Map using d3 and google maps overlay technology
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Review from an IT Operations Manager

Achieved our targets in half the time

We needed agentless discovery, strong reporting and BI, notifications and workflows adjusted to fit our processes. This was done quickly and efficiently by the implementation team. We were up and running within a couple of days and we can use the product from any mobile device or browser so we don't have to maintain clients or agents. Very happy.

Pros: The implementation team are awesome. We provided them with a simple list of needs and they were able to go far beyond this in a relatively short time scales just from their experience and insight. Within a couple of days we had a full network discovery of 4,000 nodes completed, and SCCM integration was completed for our NJ network as soon as access was granted.

Cons: Not much to complain about, the software itself is very good. Reporting in SAM and ITAM will always be complex, but the query drilldown capabilities within the product allowed us to build a custom set of onscreen reports very quickly so we can see exactly where our ITAM function needs attention

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