Superfast agentless zero impact Network Discovery Software
Fast and complete network discovery with no agents and scalable for complex networks with multiple credentials and firewalls
Includes Software Asset Management with reporting on licensing position
Gain deep insights into all desktops, servers and network devices including software and hardware
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Network Discovery Software


Agents are a headache to maintain, and agentless tools don't collect the right information. xAssets Discovery collects all the information that agent-based tools do, but it runs agentlessly, has zero impact on the endpoint and executes in a few seconds. It can also be configured to collect more information as needed, and this can be added to the IT asset management database automatically.

  • Discover Windows, ESX, HyperV, VMs, Linux, Unix, SNMP devices and IP Phones with no agents
  • Enterprise class discovery software scalable to over 100,000 assets
  • Zero impact: fast, light, very low bandwidth with no compromise on the depth of discovery
  • Discover monitors, sql server editions and instances, exchange servers and VMs
  • Browser based and scalable to very large networks
  • Active Directory, SCCM and printer discovery integration
  • Extensible to collect any available endpoint attribute
  • Asset management system allows manual data fields and manual asset entry
  • Discover standalone devices including workforces working at home


All editions include a comprehensive asset register with network discovery and software reporting

Express Edition
Free for 200 nodes
Cloud hosted
Single user, first 100 nodes free
Additional users $39/month
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Professional Edition
Priced per endpoint
Cloud hosted
Unlimited users
Named users only, 2 minimum
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable with assistance
Enterprise Edition
Priced per endpoint
Cloud hosted or on-premise
User licenses can be purchased
Named, concurrent and light users
Integration to AD, DNS, DHCP
Integration to SCCM
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - we do it for you

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xAssets Network Discovery is a subset of our IT asset management suite, and is accessible as a hosted service or the enterprise edition can be installed on-premise.

Assets in a corporate LAN and WAN environment are discovered via a collection server. This server is a small Windows Server VM which can discover any endpoint that has network visibility to it. Assets with different credentials and different domains can be discovered from a single collection server if network visibility exists.

Data is inferred as much as possible so manual data entry is minimized or in some cases completely eradicated. Asset location is inferred from the IP range, users are connected via active directory to each endpoint. All incoming data is recognised, cleansed and validated. Software is recognised and any unrecognised software is processed by xAssets and can be delivered as an update in real time. We can also infer department, cost center, work center and any other attribute from discovered data with customized business rules specific to your network.

Remote assets which never connect to the corporate network can be discovered via a remote https based utility to feed data back to the application.

Our windows discovery technology is the fastest available, with the average discovery time for a deep discovery of around 4 seconds, and typically we run 75 threads concurrently. The number of threads can be controlled and specific discovery scripts that may be sensitive to low CPU availability can be configured for VDI environments. At full speed in lab environments we can discover 10,000 assets in under one minute while only hitting 10% of a 1GBPS network card.

What can we discover?

All of the following are discovered rapidly without using agents.

  • All versions of Windows Server and Desktop applications
  • Linux and Unix
  • Apple Mac
  • ESX
  • Hyper-V
  • Software on all endpoints is discovered and recognised
  • Network equipment with SNMP (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, UPS etc)
  • IP Phones
  • Monitors
  • Sql Server editions, instances, databases and data files
  • Exchange Servers
  • Virtual Machines
  • Active Directory, SCCM and Printer Discovery Integration
  • Cloud assets, edge assets and datacenters
  • Multiple networks across LANs, WANs, bridges etc
  • PCs not connected to the network can be discovered over a web connection
  • IBM AIX™

Like all xAssets solutions, discovery is configurable. Users can determine which attributes to pick up from registry settings, WMI, disk and other sources. Discovery is organised into configurable scripts which can be subnet specific or used globally.


Desktop dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.$PCs my Manufacturer and Model gives a drilldownable hierarchy with charts at the higher levels and records at lower levels. Any drilldown structure can be implemented across all data types$A drilldownable hierarchy of computers by operating system. The next slide shows the drilldown screen after clicking a single segment in the chart$Once a user has clicked a drilldownable chart segment, another breakdown of the data for that segment is presented$A dashboard screen from the desktop dashboard showing PCs at risk either by having Windows Update disabled or by having an out-of-date Windows Defender signature$Server Roles and Features are picked up by the discovery engine to allow easy reporting for which server roles are deployed$IMAC — Installations, Movements, Additions and Changes — show all the infrastructure changes in IT between a specified date range. The date range is displayed at the footer of the report.$The Virtual Hosts and Guests report lists each VM host and all the guest VMs on that host including stopped instances$Spare parts and assets in storage are tracked by the system and can be deployed instantly from the system$The asset dashboard combines desktops, servers and other inventory into a unified reporting structure$Drilldown from the asset dashboard gives a detailed list of assets presented as records, and clicking a record allows the asset to be viewed in detail and edited$Clicking an asset from any query presents an editing screen with tabs where users can edit all aspects of data stored against assets$Images and documents can be associated with asset records and any other records in the system. Multiple images can be dragged and dropped onto any record from Windows Explorer$Inter asset relationships are auto discovered and represented in the system. Relationships supported include PC-monitor, Computer-software license, VM host to guest, Sql Host to Sql Instance, Containment, Backup, Dependencies, etc and additional relationship types can be added and discovered$The software dashboard gives the most important charts for SAM management and infrastructure operations. Each chart can be zoomed to a mainscreen or drilled-down in-situ$From the software dashboard, the top 25 software titles can be analysed to see which titles are most in use$From the software licensing dashboard you can drill down to manage all licenses or specific licenses which are heavily used. The system also tracks software expenditure$The software licensing summary report — summarises use of each software title$The software licensing detail report — gives detail on each computer consuming a software license
Image 1 of 19 - Desktop dashboard can be set to the home page, showing drilldownable summary charts and inventory. All charts, menus, links and scripts are configured to customer requirements.

Performance and Scalability

This discovery technology was designed from the ground up to be very fast, scalable, have no impact on the endpoint and no impact on the network. The software is written in a low level programming language which performs at many times the speed of traditional .NET C# applications.

The software is used to discover millions of assets for Microsoft software agreement annual true-up audits and we have been running this service since 2009. This means the software is secure, stable and robust enough to run on thousands of enterprise networks worldwide.

The system scales to around 100,000 assets per application server with a database rollup option possible for organisations with 1,000,000+ discovered assets.

Work from Home and Remote Device Discovery

All xAssets IT solutions include functionality to discover devices which are not present on the corporate network. Multiple architectural options exist to discover these devices and each option can be further configured or scripted in different ways to suit local security requirements. The following architectures are supported without requiring configuration:

  • For devices on VPN, we may be able to discover devices through the VPN subnets
  • A link can be sent to users, clicking the link installs a temporary script which runs a one-time discovery
  • A link can be sent to users, clicking the link installs a script which runs periodic discovery
  • Startup scripts can be deployed through domain policy to trigger discovery upon reboot
  • We can discover the entire users home subnet, so security aspects of the firewall and other devices may be inspected

Reporting includes a list of users who are expected to have a home device but have not run discovery yet, so the entire workflow supporting this processes is covered

In all cases the discovered information is automatically sent back to the application server running your xAssets solution. The information returned includes security information and full hardware and software inventory data.

Discovery takes one or two seconds (typically 4 seconds on slow devices), it is invisible to the user and does not block the device.

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