View Asset Data in JIRA Tickets
Display asset information directly on JIRA tickets
Connect JIRA Service Management with Intune, SCCM, xAssets Network Discovery, JAMF and other toolsets

Asset Management Software for JIRA Service Desk

Attaching assets to tickets increases service desk productivity by allowing the most important information needed for ticket resolution to be immediately visible.

The xAssets IT asset management solution includes integration to JIRA Service Desk, enabling asset content to be displayed within a JIRA ticket.

The information displayed can show multiple tabs, and can include:

  • Asset details
  • User information
  • Location and other classification information
  • Hardware details
  • Device Manager
  • Installed Software
  • Software Licensing

The information displayed can be gathered automatically from the xAssets Network Discovery tool, or from other integrations including SCCM, Intune, JAMF, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, HP Webjet Admin, Dell and Lenovo warranty services, and any other sources.

The integration is configured to each customer's requirements ensuring only relevant information is shown.

Types of Incidents which Benefit from Asset Data in Tickets

Broadly we are trying to provide the help desk technician with the data they need to say "oh, it's that!", in one glance, without having to login to another asset system and dig around for the information. These are some scenarios:

  • Computer running slow : check the percentage of CPU, memory, and disk IO
  • User low on disk space
  • In data centers, you can see the CPU temperature at the last discovery
  • Software not working - you can check for recent updates and if it is still installed
  • Software compatibility issues - you can check the version of each software titles
  • Software cross compatibility where two titles conflict with each other
  • User access problems could be diagnosed by viewing AD/Entra permissions data

Example JIRA Integration

The JIRA ticket below has the xAssets asset panel integration enabled. Any number of assets can be linked to a ticket and configurable tabs are provided containing key asset information.

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

The software tab shows the recognised software titles installed on the computer, again, directly in the JIRA ticket.

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

Get a Free Trial, Demo and Quote

Whats Included in the demo?

  • Free instance
  • Open licensing during evaluation
  • Perpetual license for 1 user, 100 IT assets and 1000 fixed assets
  • Strategy and demo session with a product specialist
  • Written proposal and quote

Free instances are free forever with no payment required.

Integration Sources

Data in the asset panel can come from any integration supported by xAssets, and we are always prepared to develop new integrations. Out of the box integrations include:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft System Center (SCCM)
  • JAMF, Cisco Meraki and Kandji
  • Azure Virtual Servers
  • Amazon AWS Virtual Servers
  • Google Cloud Servers
  • HP Webjet Admin for Printers
  • xAssets Discovery
  • Dell and Lenovo Warranties
  • Import from spreadsheets or other systems
xAssets Integration Data Flows with JIRA Asset Panel

User data, and data for any other entities, can also be displayed in the asset panel and can be sourced from integrations

  • Local Active Directory
  • Azure Active Directory
  • OKTA User Directory
  • xAssets Discovery
  • Import from spreadsheets or other systems

Integrations can be extended as required to meet complex enterprise requirements. This can include transfer of data in either direction to populate either JIRA tables with asset data, or xAssets tables with JIRA data.

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