Fixed Asset Management Software
Easy to use full lifecycle asset register with asset accounting, barcoding, maintenance and CIP
Rapidly configured to fit your processes and reporting
No installation needed and excellent time to value
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Fixed Asset Management Software

We meet most requirements "out of the box" allowing immediate benefits and excellent time to value.

Our platform provides rapid integration and configuration ensuring that complex requirements can be met quickly, providing a system exactly matched to your needs.

  • Centralizing asset data gives a holistic view of your asset base and balance sheet
  • Integrate to all sources of asset, service, cloud and accounting data with automatic updates
  • Powerful reporting and workflow construction
  • Calculate depreciation with any formulae and increase reliability with planned maintenance

Enterprise implementations are often completed in a few days whereas leading competitors would take much longer to meet the same requirements. The "out of the box" configuration is often suitable for many organizations.


  • Full lifecycle asset register with rich functionality
  • Depreciation calculation, asset accounting and budgeting
  • Barcoding
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Contract management
  • Procurement, approvals and receiving
  • Spare parts and storage
  • Disposal and obsolescence
  • Construction in Progress (CIP / CWIP)
Fixed Asset Management - Asset Register Wheel Graphic showing product features

This strategic product sits at the center of your asset operations to ensure operational efficiency and financial visibility with instant access to asset information from anywhere.

IT Asset Management Flowchart showing asset lifecycle steps

Build Great User Experiences

The "out of the box" system fits most requirements allowing excellent time to value. Easy configurability extends the system to meet your exact needs.

  • Users only see the functions and data they need
  • Build new processes and workflows
  • Integrate to any system or web service/API
  • Import data from any data source
  • Email, web service, and social media notifications
  • Depreciation supports any formula including table lookups
  • Planned maintenance supports any formula for calculating service intervals
  • Single Sign On

Small configuration changes are done free of charge as part of your support subscription.


Express Edition
Free for one user, no time limit
Cloud hosted
Additional users $39/month
Store 1,000 assets per user
Load data from excel/files
Asset accounting and depreciation
Planned Maintenance
Contract Management
Professional Edition
Priced per named user
Cloud hosted
Named users only
License blocks of 2,000 assets
Load data from any data source
Asset accounting and depreciation
Planned Maintenance
Contract Management
Configurable - with assistance
Workflow customization
Enterprise Edition
Base license includes two users
Cloud Hosted or On-Premise
Named, concurrent and light users
License blocks of 10,000 assets
Integrate to all apps
Asset accounting and depreciation
Planned Maintenance
Contract Management
Configurable - we do it for you
Workflow built to requirements
Express Edition Pricing Examples
Monthly USD
Annual USD
1 1,000 Free Free
2 2,000 $39 $468
5 5,000 $156 $1,872
10 10,000 $351 $4,212
50 50,000 $1,911 $22,932

Get a Free Trial, Demo and Quote

Whats Included in the demo?

  • Free instance
  • Open licensing during evaluation
  • Perpetual license for 1 user, 100 IT assets and 1000 fixed assets
  • Strategy and demo session with a product specialist
  • Written proposal and quote

Free instances are free forever with no payment required.

PI Group

Review - PI Group

Excellent software, excellent support

We implemented xAssets for our Fixed Asset and Stock Management in 2018, and have used it for over four years with great success. The software is in the cloud, so we did not need to install it. It works from our mobile phones and from PCs and apple macs, so we can use it from any location and when on the move. The system was configured to our needs which meant we only needed a handful of menus, and as a result we did not need training. The system is great for reporting, if I need a new report I can get that quickly without needing help and the way the system automatically builds a drilldown structure for each report I create is really cool.

Pros: Able to use it from any device, pricing is very reasonable and the support we get is fantastic. Depreciation calculation is quick and easy and it natively posts journals into our accounting system. The system is very fast even on a mobile and we really like the reporting features and charting plus the ability to find anything quickly.

Cons: Whenever we think of a feature that isn’t there, the xAssets support guys either show us how to do it, or they go off and create it for us, couldn’t ask for more!

Find answers quickly

Powerful data visualization tools are provided to get answers fast.

Visualization includes tables, charts, reports, excel extracts and maps. Users can create queries and reports and make them part of the system. The user interface is fast and slick (sub-second response times) so users can search, drill up and drill down quickly to find the information required.

Screenshot of Assets on a Map from the xAssets Fixed Asset Management product

Manage Depreciation and Disposals

The financials engine offers flexibility to implement depreciation calculations based on any mathematical formula or computer program.

  • Comprehensive depreciation calculation engine
  • Model depreciation and amortization formulae
  • Actual and forecast depreciation are calculated at month end
  • Track total cost of ownership (TCO) of assets
  • Multi company, multi currency, unlimited books
  • Each user can move forward and back in time
  • Supports unusual accounting periods and year end changes
  • Define posting rules to specify exactly how transactions are posted
  • Create journals for purchase, depreciation, disposals and transfers
  • Lease accounting and amortization
  • Disposal and obsolescence calculations can be configured
Learn more about IFRS and GAAP compliance

IFRS and US GAAP, US Tax, UK GAAP and Canadian GAAP

IFRS presents substantial challenges to global organisations and any company with operations in multiple countries or in countries which are adopting IFRS. xAssets helps companies to meet these challenges not only through established reporting across multiple books but also we can accept each client's own interpretation of IFRS, GAAP and Tax books and implement those interpretations for the customers through a short implementation project.

The financials and depreciation engine can be configured to meet any requirements surrounding International Asset Accounting, IFRS, GAAP and Tax calculations, and has the configuration capability, scalability and stability to meet the needs of mid sized and large enterprises.

Canadian Companies

Canadian companies have moved to IFRS on the 1st January 2011 and they now have to report IFRS and Canadian GAAP side-by-side. xAssets can meet these requirements and follow each customers transition, rules interpretations and reporting strategy with a short implementation project.

US Corporations

A description of IFRS requirements for US Corporations is here. Although IFRS is in general not a strict requirement in the US, it makes sense to put flexible depreciation and asset accounting systems in place which can meet the evolving requirements of IFRS and the changes in GAAP as the authorities attempt to align US GAAP to IFRS. This aids potential foreign acquisition scenarios and the benefits of IFRS reporting can be gained even though the rules are not strictly enforced.

xAssets Financials and Depreciation engine is also capable of supporting all the conventions applied by US depreciation for tax book calculations. We fully support MACRS, ACRS, ADS, ACE and AMT. We can apply straight line MACRS, GDS via table lookup or GDS calculated, and we support partial month, mid month, whole of month, mid quarter, half year and any other conventions. These calculations can always be reported alongside GAAP, IFRS and other accounting books.

UK Companies

UK companies face fewer challenges because UK GAAP is similar to IFRS (but not the same!). However companies must still look for differences in componentisation requirements and there are potential differences in several areas including assets held for sale, treatment of asset impairment and revaluations, plus deferred tax on revaluation gains.

Screenshot of a Pie Chart and Dashboard from xAssets Fixed Asset Management

Planned Maintenance

Well planned servicing and preventative maintenance are proven to be benefical in almost all business scenarios. xAssets supports a comprehensive planned maintenance and task scheduling system.

  • Extend the useful life of assets
  • Increase asset reliability and reduce downtime
  • Improve health and safety
  • Schedule servicing based on time and consumption
  • Add rules of any complexity for task and work order assignment
  • Assign work to work centers or individuals
  • Meet compliance and audit regulations

Integrate to any data source

All solutions include pre-built integrations and standard imports are provided and loaders can be built for any data source.

  • Accounting and Procurement Systems
  • HR Systems
  • IT toolkits, discovery, patch, printer, help desk, CMDB
  • CMMS systems
  • Supplier Databases
  • Web Services and API based hosted assets
  • Spreadsheets, documents and text files
  • All other Database systems
  • Single Sign On (SSO) to any provider

Why Choose xAssets ?

The optimal architecture to maximize ongoing benefits and achieve full utilisation:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Users see only the data and functions they need
  • No apps needed, use any browser or mobile
  • Cloud hosted or on-premise
  • Scalable and secure
  • Powerful configuration enables your reporting and workflow needs to be met quickly
  • Powerful integration centralizes and cleans data from local and cloud systems

Use any browser or mobile device

Apps and other installed software can be costly to maintain, so xAssets solutions are browser based and can be used from any device without installation.

Our software uses a "Single Page Application" architecture. This means the screen is never refreshed completely, content only changes when needed. This makes the end user experience slick with fast response times.

Screenshot of xAssets Fixed Asset Management working on an Apple IPhone

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