Asset Management for Microsoft Intune
Full lifecycle ITAM and SAM for Microsoft Intune customers
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IT asset management software for Intune

Intune stores key information on desktops and servers, but the its inventory lacks the detailed information needed to manage these assets and their compliance. There will be endpoints which are not in Intune and there will be reporting and lifecycle asset management requirements which cannot be met by Intune's software.

We provide software asset management, network discovery, and full lifecycle it asset management with Intune data as the basis of the system. Information missing from Intune endpoints, and additional endpoints not in Intune can be discovered with xAssets Network Discovery, integration to Active Directory, Azure, Azure AD, and other IT systems can be added, and software licensing, procurement, disposal, service management, full lifecycle ITAM and a comprehensive reporting package are provided out of the box with a customizable framework.

Integration with Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, SCCM, JAMF, Meraki, and JIRA is included to pull asset and incident data into the centralised repository from all available sources. Integration to other systems and web services can be easily configured.

This provides a single source of all IT and cloud assets quickly and effectively.


Professional Edition
Priced per named user
Cloud hosted
Named users only
Integration to AD, Intune, AWS, GCP, Azure
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - with assistance
Workflow customization
Enterprise Edition
Base license includes two users
Cloud Hosted or On-Premise
Named, concurrent and light users
Integration to AD, Intune, all cloud & IT apps
Software Asset Management
Contract Management
Configurable - we do it for you
Workflow built to requirements

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Whats Included in the demo?

  • Free instance
  • Open licensing during evaluation
  • Perpetual license for 1 user, 100 IT assets and 1000 fixed assets
  • Strategy and demo session with a product specialist
  • Written proposal and quote

Free instances are free forever with no payment required.

Key Benefits

  • Intune provides an instant inventory with frequent updates
  • A centralized repository for all IT asset data
  • Rapid implementation
  • Add data from any other sources
  • Use xAssets Network Discovery tools to discover endpoints not present in Intune

Additional Benefits

  • Cloud hosted or on-premise
  • Adds Software Asset Management to your Intune inventory
  • Manage Windows, ESX, Linux, Unix, AIX, IP phones, network, virtual and SNMP kit
  • Manage contracts, spares, storage and financials
  • Manage the full asset lifecycle from procurement through to disposal
  • Powerful charting and reporting
IT Asset Management Data Flow Diagram

Intune Integration

Integration includes basic hardware, device and software information so functions for desktop management and server management are immediately covered without needing configuration work. However Intune does not store details on all software titles or on all device hardware attributes, xAssets can run a discovery process to "fill in the gaps" to ensure you have a complete inventory.

Once integration has run we typically complete the implementation with the following steps:

  • Use Network Discovery to discover information and endpoints which are not in Intune
  • Add Azure or local AD to provide detailed user records
  • Integrate into other IT systems which contain asset data (SCCM, JAMF, JIRA..)
  • Import MLS Statements and other purchase evidence to enable software license management
  • Enable Sql Server and Exchange discovery
  • Integrate to the help desk to provide incident and asset data in both systems
  • Connect in the IT user groups with the permissions needed for their role
  • Integrate to financial systems to allow asset valuations and detailed financial reporting
  • Add charts, queries and reports to ensure all user groups have the information needed

Intune integration is a core component of our IT asset management solution.

Intune and Associated Integrations

Other integrations are available, and we often build new integrations for customers.

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