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Three Steps to Software License Compliance

Minimize the workload needed to achieve compliance by using the advanced discovery, recognition and reconciliation capabilities in this toolset. The process consists of the following three steps:

Software Asset Management Flowchart - three steps are: discover the network, import software asset records and reconcile, then report on the software license compliance position and get compliant
  • Discover the entire network and all cloud assets, then remove unwanted software
  • Import the MLS statement and purchase orders, then match off against recognized software
  • Use built in compliance reports and license or uninstall underlicensed software

The compliance process begins as soon as the implementation of network discovery, cloud discovery or the SCCM integration component is complete. Sources of software ownership evidence, including MLS statements, purchasing records, and accounting entries, are loaded into the system and normalized. Then you can automatically match off purchases against existing infrastructure and discoveries to establish the software licensing compliance position.

xAssets Software Asset Management is incorporated with the following solutions:


  • Discover software installed across the network
  • Analyse software across all device types
  • Import software license purchases
  • Match licenses against usage on the network
  • Group licenses into pools
  • Manage support agreements and software contracts
  • Purchase software licenses in advance of going underlicensed
  • Receive notifications when a user installs software
  • Remove unauthorised installations, freeing up licenses


  • Automatically recognize incoming software titles
  • Classification of software for risk, priority and licensing
  • Import licenses statements and match against discovered titles
  • Discovery is agentless, fast and has no impact on the endpoint
  • Assign software licenses to specific computers
  • Includes configurable reports on compliance position
  • Adapt the system through configuration to your requirements
  • Integration with SCCM, Active Directory, Intune, Azure, JIRA, JAMF, Meraki and others
  • Email alerts and notifications

Information Collected

The discovery processes uses a wide variety of discovery techniques to collect Software information from assets across the network including the following:

  • Operating Systems
  • Sql Server
  • AutoRun entries from Local User and System Registry
  • Software is discovered using executable file headers AND registry
  • Services running on both Servers and Desktops
  • Antivirus software
  • Detailed Hardware Information including Monitors, VM Hosts and Devices

Software Recognition in xAssets Network Discovery and in xAssets IT Asset Management is complemented by a manual recognition process. We receive unrecognized software lists from customers on a regular basis, and these items are manually investigated by our staff and added to the software recognition database. xAssets feeds software recognition data to your local installation or hosted installation on a regular basis, so unrecognized software is always dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

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Software Asset Management Consultancy

While our software gives a great head start in achieving optimisation of SAM including compliance, interdependencies, lifecycle processing and cost reduction, a holistic approach to SAM cannot be achieved through software alone. Optimisation of software asset management is a complex process which in many cases needs professional guidance.

xAssets maintains close partner relationships with the industry's best SAM consultants in the US and UK to deliver SAM services as part of our implementation and consulting services. Often this starts with a SAM maturity assessment which is followed by a software audit to establish compliance levels. Then the process turns to strategic planning and a phased roadmap to achieve compliance and cost optimization.

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Software Asset Management

Review from a Large Telecom Provider

Achieved our targets in half the time

We needed agentless discovery, strong reporting and BI, notifications and workflows adjusted to fit our processes. This was done quickly and efficiently by the implementation team. We were up and running within a couple of days and we can use the product from any mobile device or browser so we don't have to maintain clients or agents. Very happy.

Pros: The implementation team are awesome. We provided them with a simple list of needs and they were able to go far beyond this in a relatively short time scales just from their experience and insight. Within a couple of days we had a full network discovery of 4,000 nodes completed, and SCCM integration was completed for our NJ network as soon as access was granted.

Cons: Not much to complain about, the software itself is very good. Reporting in SAM and ITAM will always be complex, but the query drilldown capabilities within the product allowed us to build a custom set of onscreen reports very quickly so we can see exactly where our ITAM function needs attention

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