Tracking Dell and Lenovo Warranty Information
Automatically add Dell and Lenovo Warranty Information to your centralized asset repository

Dell and Lenovo Warranty tracking with xAssets IT Asset Management Software

27 March 2023
Will Islwyn Lambert


xAssets IT Asset Management Software allows effortless tracking of your warranties in real-time, with built-in warranty tracking integrations enabling key warranty details to be shown on asset records within the CMDB.

Dell and Lenovo Warranties

When purchasing IT infrastructure such as new laptops, desktops and servers, it's important to consider the warranty that comes with it. This protects your investment and ensure that you're covered if something goes wrong.

Dell offers Basic Warranty, ProSupport, and ProSupport Plus, while Lenovo offers Depot Warranty, Onsite Warranty, and Premier Support. To determine the start and end date of each warranty, we use the service tag or express service code for Dell, or the date of purchase or serial number for Lenovo. The integration will automatically pull warranty information from the manufacturers website into the CMDB using serial numbers collected by Intune, SCCM and/or xAssets Network Discovery.


Each asset record shows the warranty start date and net warranty end date based on the latest warranty record available:

Screenshot of xAssets ITAM Edit Asset Dialog with Dell Warranty Summary Information

Clicking on the warranty details button gives details of each warranty transaction:

Screenshot of xAssets ITAM Edit Asset Dialog with Dell Warranty Details

Centralized Warranty Information

xAssets ITAM provides a holistic central repository containing all your asset data in one place. It pulls data from many sources, and "out of the box" integrations include Azure, Intune, SCCM, Meraki, JAMF, Kandji, AWS and others, and many customers use xAssets Network Discovery to get deep insights into their Asset Inventory. So it's logical to add warranty information into this centralised repository enabling you to view the data through the same interface.

In many cases warranties are renewed, extended, and can include several components such as parts and labor, and on-site service attendance. xAssets stores this information for each warranty component as child records against the asset enabling the full warranty history to be viewed for each individual asset.

This enables users to view start and end warranty dates and warranty coverage details. xAssets ITAM supports mobile devices, enabling help desk and IT users to view this information in real time, for example while attending to end user incidents.

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