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Network Discovery

Comparison of the Discovery functions within xAssets IT Asset Management to Agent Based and Agentless Products

xAssets IT Asset Management
Agent Based Solutions
Agentless Solutions
Installed Agents No Agents Installed Agents are Installed and Constantly Use Network Bandwidth and Local CPU No Agents Installed
Ability to Access the Windows API and Local Resources for detailed discovery Yes, Full Access Yes, Full Access No Access
Loading on End User CPU Typically under 4 seconds CPU used per discovery - 0.004% of CPU and about 200KBytes of network bandwidth per PC. Light but many agents are still problematic with agent task CPU delaying end users Heavy Load on CPU due to inefficient WMI and RPC loading, and heavier load on bandwidth because requests cannot be compressed and data returned cannot be compressed.
Loading on Corporate Network About 200KBytes of network bandwidth per PC per discovery. Typically 100KB to 1MB per discovery depending on Vendor. Heavy Load on network bandwidth because requests cannot be compressed and data returned cannot be compressed.
Ability to Discover Hidden Executables Yes Yes No
Ability to Monitor Software Usage Yes, in the next version Yes, some vendors can monitor software usage Not possible
Ability to Discover the Entire Machine Yes Yes, usually Not possible
Able to function with Windows Firewall Enabled Yes. We provide three alternative technologies to allow discovery through Windows Firewall. Yes, but the agent has to be deployed manually. Not possible

xAssets Network Discovery does not deploy agents across your entire network, and yet it achieves the same business objectives as most agent based discovery tools.

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