Implementation of xAssets IT Asset Management Solutions into High Security Environments
Meeting the security, scalability, functional depth and breadth needs of High Security Environments
with solutions certified by the US Air Force for use on SIPRNET and NIPRNET

Implementation of xAssets IT Asset Management Solutions into High Security Environments

By Edward Cartier, xAssets LLC


CIOs have much to consider when researching the most appropriate IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) solution, before shortlisting the final few with the aim of a commitment to the best business fit. Factors for consideration during the selection process will include the technical benefits gained for the money spent, but there are many variables that should define the ultimate decision.

High security environments such as Government, Defense and Public Sectors have additional complexity in an increasingly complex and regulated environment. With laws, certifications, compliance, security, encryption, zero downtime and disaster recovery requirements, an ITAM solution needs to be highly configurable to meet strategic requirements.

US Air Force Military Aircraft

Regulation and Compliance

Whilst businesses understand they have a commitment to meeting the licensing agreements with their suppliers of software (e.g. Microsoft, Abobe, etc.), there are two recent laws not to be ignored: These Acts mandate that US agencies develop and implement a software licensing policy. Regulatory compliance to effectively manage IT assets is in the spotlight and xAssets has the most comprehensive, security certified and cost-effective ITAM solution available to expedite your compliance. The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) is intended to reduce IT procurement related waste. The Making Electronic Government Accountable By Yielding Tangible Efficiencies Act (MEGABYTE) ensures businesses make cost effective decisions when acquiring software.

Phil Goldstein, web editor for FedTech, highlights here how your software asset management tools can help you attain centralized and efficient control of your licenses and reach compliance. In May 2018, the FITARA scorecard reported several agencies being down-graded in meeting their assessments; The Department of Defense failing to reach a grade at all.

So, what sets xAssets apart as a best-fit solution?

US Air Force certification

xAssets carries US Air Force certification, cleared for SIPRNET and NIPRNET. This, and other government sectors, can have real confidence that our ITAM solution has been designed for the exact requirements of a high security, enterprise environment. From the base system up, we build, configure and integrate a comprehensive set of tools that meets the complex security, scalability and functional needs of our existing clients, including Defense and Police Forces.

The success of our high security environment compliance is a collaboration of a number of key components:

Infrastructure Security

xAssets uses a web-based architecture, and xAssets discovery tools are agentless. There is no deployment of agents onto discovered endpoints, and consequently no changes to their configurations. By using a browser-based interface, accessibility across all platforms including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and UX clients is simple. When dealing with thousands of endpoints, this is a huge advantage.

Network safety is maintained by placement of collection servers used for data collection behind any firewall and these use a number of secure protocols to discover IT assets. xAssets uses cryptographic protocols for the secure transmission, usage and storage of credentials, stored only in the one place they are needed. No data is stored outside of the main server database, so there is no need to secure a network of servers, applications, folders or data.

High Security Safety Deposit Boxes

Single Sign On (SSO) support and pass-through authentication are all supported through a Windows authentication-based architecture. xAssets provides discovery of all common device types including Windows, Linux, Unix, IP Phones, Hyper V, ESX and SNMP devices including routers, switches and firewalls on high security networks. xAssets discovery is capable of discovering equipment secured with higher levels of encryption such as SHA-2, 3DES and AES-256.

End-User Security

Users are organized into groups and this can be optionally integrated with Windows Active Directory domain services, enabling automation of data locating and the regulation of data visibility to the user, seeing only the functions they require.

High Security Police Force

A self-service portal enables users to access their own profiles and incident base. As xAssets products do not install client agents and cookies are not used, so no information is left behind on client end-points.

Stability and Scalability

Managing a high security environment requires minimum touch-points for maintenance, such as software upgrades. xAssets software licensing and asset management products have developed over 18 years, having been deployed onto tens of thousands of networks worldwide. Using the most stable platforms available, single page applications, standard browsers for client access and the highly secure backbone of a Microsoft Sql Server as our database engine, xAssets solutions have a proven record of architecture strength.

High security environments often have a large infrastructure and Management need a product of choice that will perform with volume and potential growth. xAssets products are specifically designed to minimize network traffic, both during discovery phases and in the running of the browser-based application. Discovery is both rapid and has zero impact on the endpoint or user.

Integration and Configuration

xAssets ‘out of the box’ ITAM solutions will fully integrate to Microsoft System Center (SCCM) and Active Directory as standard. Any database, file system, spreadsheet or other data sources are within xAssets’ extensive integration capabilities. As a full lifecycle product, when new asset requirements or security protocols are implemented, xAssets is a highly configurable tool and product specialists can develop new functionality for the user interface to meets any new demand.

Software license statements from existing purchases can be imported and automatically recognized to enable a true reflection of under or over licensing, assisting Managers with accurate license utilization data. Understanding your base line differences is crucial to identifying areas for compliancy, removal or re-deployment of licenses to maximize assets already bought and paid for.


Dashboards, charts, queries, forms and scripts allow Asset Managers to meet all their obligations in their output needs from an ITAM tool. All application usage is logged and tracked (including anything unusual), creating a full and complete audit history of asset data, and is retained with the identifying user details and timestamp. These reports are entirely compliant with FITARA and MEGABYTE laws.

In Trusted Hands

Finding the right solution as the best technical fit is a fundamental priority for any business searching for IT asset management; however, on its own, isn’t enough. The relationship with your supplier underpins the service and support you need to maximize your investment with your company. xAssets nourishes customer relationships which benefit from direct access to the expertise of senior product specialists with many years of experience – The importance of establishing relationship continuity ensures that the specialist who worked with you until 3am finishing your implementation is the same expert advising you on your next strategic integration.

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Budget is always an important consideration when evaluating IT purchases and xAssets products are not only highly competitive, but, in addition completely scalable, paying for only what you need and use. Find out more about our accessible pricing structure or contact us for a no-obligation discovery conversation about your compliance.

About xAssets

xAssets is a privately-owned global company with US offices located in Wilmington, DE who provide sales, administrative and technical support along with ongoing product development efforts. They are focused on developing flexible, affordable and easy to deploy IT asset management and fixed asset solutions. A fast-growing company, xAssets has major corporate and government customers worldwide.

xAssets is also a certified SIIA Certified Audit Software Provider and is a member of the CASP program as well as a provider member of the International Association of IT Asset managers (IAITAM).

xAssets products includes IT Asset Management Software, Fixed Asset Management Software, Financial Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Service Management and Network Discovery Software, offering cloud-based (SaaS) or locally installed versions for small to large enterprises. The solutions are used by many well-known organizations around the world in almost every vertical market. Their partners range from MS LARs to global IT Service companies to small niche product providers.

The company provides proactive consultative support to customers throughout the product lifecycle and they always ensure that their customers' requirements are met or exceeded. These products provide full life cycle asset management capabilities, including discovery capabilities that can stand alone, or complement and integrate with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), and provides users with full a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). For more information about xAssets' ITAM and FAM products, its other ground-breaking products or how to become an integration partner go to or contact Lon Mackey, Director of Business development, 800 691 9120 or use the contact details on this website.

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