Key Features of xAssets Hosted Services
Sign up and go hosted Asset Management Software
Cloud hosted on superfast baremetal servers with full support for all browsers

Key Features of xAssets Hosted Services

A lot of companies offer their products in some kind of hosted form these days, some even have a non browser based product which you pay for annually to download, like office. These products are not inherently designed for the cloud and become a management nightmare for system administrators because they have to install those products on every client endpoint and then manage and troubleshoot them. It is much easier to manage products which are browser based and therefore can be used from any client PC or device without being installed on that device.

Did you know that office tools do not need to exist on your local computer at all? With good design it would have been possible for vendors to write these products purely as web applications, and all the functionality, performance and useability we have in this suite could have been preserved. Why didn't they do that? Because some development teams can deliver excellent browser based products, and some can't.

Whereas products like xAssets Solutions are inherently designed to operate in a cloud environment and the technology going into this isn't just a simple web application or an old application front ended by a web interface. By designing your products from top to bottom to perform in the cloud, customers gain far more benefits in terms of ease of use, performance, scalability, productivity, communication and integration.

In a technical sense, the key differentiator behind the scenes is our research and development strategy. Instead of throwing in a zillion open source libraries and a million more lines of beautifully structured bloated code by your developers most of which will never get used, and then hoping your web application will perform ok, the xAssets approach is to develop high performance web applications where the page never has to refresh and the code footprint is tiny.

These technical advantages have far reaching benefits for end customers and users, who pay less and have an excellent solution on which to base their IT asset management and fixed asset management.

The key features of this services are:

  • Signup and go on a rock solid infrastructure
  • Single page applications
  • Military grade security
  • High performance technology
  • Accessible pricing
  • Functional breath and depth

Signup and go on a rock solid infrastructure

Prospective customers can now access the hosted service free of charge to try out the service. This is a fully functional implementation and includes all integrations and discovery tools. You can either start with an empty database and populate it with your own data, or we offer a demo data platform populated with around 1000 IT assets.

The hosted platform is placed in the worlds most reliable datacenter. We have been hosting since 2003, and at this datacenter since 2010. Since 2003, we have NEVER had an outage of any kind. We're kind of worried that one will happen one day, but its difficult to imaging how because every link in the chain has backup, failover or redundancy infrastructure behind it.

Our servers have heaps of spare capacity and run on superfast technology with generous specifications, so response times are fast and batch processing is completed quickly.

Single Page Applications

The client software runs in any modern web browser including mobile devices. The javascript footprint is tiny and the application follows a relatively new architecture called "Single Page Applications" also known as SPA. Broadly this means that the page never entirely refreshes and content only changes when it needs to. This means that each page transition is very fast because content which does not change, like menus, header content, footer content, does not need to change unless the context of the page requires it to. During normal operation clients are downloading a tiny amount of data on each page transition and this equates to very fast response times and huge scalability for multiple clients both in cloud and on-premise architectures.

Military Grade Security

The US Air Force granted certification in January 2018 for all xAssets Version 7.1-x products to be used on the two main US air force networks - NIPRNET and SIPRNET. This means the product is written to the highest standards and specifications and has passed stringent tests covering all aspects of software security in a web based environment.

Read more about security here

High Performance Technology

xAssets solutions are based on a Sql Server data model which is optimized for huge scalability without compromising the depth of information stored on each asset and incident. We use Microsoft Sql Server to achieve scaling and our database design is fully "normalised" with no repetition of text information or images. This means the CPU and Input/Output usage on each server is minimized and response times of 1 or 2 seconds are common even in a hosted environment.

Read more about performance and scalability here

Accessible Pricing

Pricing is structured to be fair for all company sizes from around 200 endpoints up to over 1 million endpoints.

Functional breath and depth

xAssets solutions are adaptive - the solutions grow and adapt with your business. As your requirements change, the application changes with you. At implementation time we gather requirements and often meet the key needs on an 80:20 basis within a few days. Then the system is completed to customer requirements. During this process, ideas will be generated on new reports, forms, more efficient ways of structuring workflow and key measures that management need to know to cover asset and service performance.

Since the configuration layer is so flexible (the whole application is built in the configuration layer!) - what happens if you suddenly get a new requirement that is not covered elsewhere ? With xAssets, we can build out that requirement in the configuration layer and usually this takes between a few hours and a few days depending on how complex the requirement is. That means that you are never stuck with a piece of software that can't meet all your needs.

"Out of the box" we provide deep functionality for discovery, full asset lifecycle, purchase orders, acquisition, receiving, deployment, service management, disposal, spares, storage, asset specification, software asset management and many more features. The starting point will meet most of your needs and as stated above, the configuration layer will help meet the rest of your needs so you get a system which fits your business well and meets all key requirements.

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