View Intune Asset Data in Jira Tickets
Speed ticket resolution by displaying Intune asset data directly in JIRA Service Management
Configure asset data visibility to meet your specific requirements
19 March 2024
Will Islwyn Lambert

View Intune Asset Data in Jira Tickets


Integrating asset data from Intune into JIRA Service Management can enhance productivity.

This integration enables you to configure JIRA to show relevant IT asset data tailored to your organization's needs, providing technicians with essential insights at a glance.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster time to resolution
  • Improve service desk accuracy
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Integrating Intune Asset Data into JIRA Service Management

Integration between xAssets, Intune and JIRA Service Management allows your technicians to see any Intune data within service tickets. The information can include:

  • Asset details such as OS version and disk space
  • Installed software information
  • User details
  • Location and classification data
  • Hardware specifications
  • Device manager overview
  • Software licensing details

Access to this detailed asset information expedites problem diagnosis and resolution, ensuring technicians have all the necessary details to address issues promptly and effectively.

Configurability is key

The integration allows for configuration, so you can customize asset data based on your specific requirements. This can include:

  • OS, warranty dates, user, domain, serial, IP, and computer name
  • Installed Software
  • Disk List
  • Hardware, including Make, model, CPU, Memory and Serial
  • Motherboard details including serial and BIOS information
  • Warranty details taken from Dell and Lenovo Integrations
  • Peripheral and printer configurations

Each tab can be configured to show just the information needed, so your service desk users are not "bogged down" in data they don't need to see

Intune doesn't contain deep asset information in all areas. You can run xAssets Discovery on a schedule against your endpoints to give complete information on the hardware, software, patches, security and users of each endpoint, and this will include all assets on your network including Windows, Apple, Linux, Switches, Routers, IP Phones and other SNMP equipment.

Why Choose Intune and JIRA Integration?

With immediate access to both problem descriptions and end-user system information, your helpdesk team can reduce call durations and resolve issues efficiently.


Being able to configure the asset data visibility in JIRA Service Management means your technicians see exactly the data they need to ensure rapid ticket resolution.

The data you need

Unlike other IT asset management solutions, the xAssets Intune and JIRA integration combines with xAssets Discovery (where needed) and other integrations (where needed) to store and display the data your help desk technicians need. xAssets network discovery technology ensures comprehensive data retrieval, covering essential asset attributes such as:

Pre-built integrations include:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft System Center SCCM
  • Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
  • JAMF, Cisco Meraki and Kandji
  • VMWare
  • Cloud systems including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • HP Web JetAdmin Printer Discovery
  • MLS Software License Statement
  • Dell and Lenovo Warranty and Leasing portals
  • Ivanti, Altiris and other similar tools

So xAssets performs the role of a central data repository, providing a single source of truth for your IT asset data from any of the sources above.

Custom integrations are easy to create if you have data in other systems that you want to see in JIRA tickets.

Automatic Allocation

When a user creates a ticket, we are able to apply AI rules to calculate which asset the ticket applies to:

  • When the user only has one asset, we automatically assign that asset
  • When the user mentions an asset type in the ticket, such as "phone", "laptop", "PC", "monitor", or "tablet", we automatically assign that asset

In the JIRA ticket, the user has the ability to change the auto-assigned asset to one of their other assets via the asset selection dropdown. Multiple assets can also be selected.


When setting up the xAssets JIRA integration, each installation is configured to the customer's requirements, so only the most relevant information is displayed.

Take this example:

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

Integration for JIRA has populated a pre-defined, customised set of information on the JIRA ticket interface.

Keeping with our ticket scenario above, we can see that the end-user has a Dell Latitude running Windows 10. We can also see that it was purchased in 2016 and the warranty expired in 2019. This laptop is due for disposal.

Now look at installed software:

xAssets JIRA Asset Panel Integration - Screenshot

The user runs a number of business-related software titles, some of which are system intensive. The user and the business would both be better served by retiring this machine and replacing it with a more up-to-date asset. Otherwise, your helpdesk technicians are just going to waste valuable time trying to offer suggestions for tweaking performance on a laptop that's no longer a viable business asset.

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