The xAssets API - Method : SpecialFixAssetDependencies


For each asset which has dependencies in the system, this will self heal such that moves with parent fields are copied to each child asset


Parameter : sXML

Parameter : sArguments

Syntax and Examples

Restful syntax with Microsoft Visual Basic

Example 1

There is no restful call for this API operation - use a SOAP method instead

SOAP Syntax with Microsoft Visual Basic

Example 1


        ErrorMessage = ""

        Return w.WebSaveSpecial(_hash, _username, _db, _ip, "", "SpecialFixAssetDependencies", {}, False, _dns, _port, _scheme, _nonce, _noncedate)

    Catch ex As Exception
        ErrorMessage = ex.Message
        Return "
    End Try


AMSX Syntax

Example 1

    SaveSpecial "SpecialFixAssetDependencies",""

XCS Syntax

Example 1

    Dim ret as String = Server.SaveSpecial("SpecialFixAssetDependencies","")
    If ret = " Or ret.Substring(0, 8) = "special=" Then
        MsgBox("Save operation completed.", vbInformation, "Save Data")
        MsgBox("Save operation failed:" & ret, vbExclamation, "Save Data")
    End If

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