The xAssets API - Method : WebLogonCollectionServer


Connect a discovery service to an xAssets Instance with a Username and Password


Parameter : sUserName

sUserName : The username to logon with. Windows Authentication is supported on the local network

Parameter : sPassword

sPassword : The password corresponding to the username provided

Parameter : sDatabase

sDatabase : The database name. This normally equates to your company name and the first part of the DNS path of your hosted instance

Parameter : sIP

sIP : Your IP address. This must match your web facing IP address

Parameter : sCollectionServerName

sCollectionServerName : The computername of your discovery collection server

Parameter : sDNS

sDNS : The DNS path of your instance

Parameter : lPort

lPort : The port of your instance (normally 443)

Parameter : sScheme

sScheme : This is always "https"

Parameter : sNonce

sNonce : Pass an empty string for this value

Parameter : datNonce

datNonce : Pass any date for this value


A hash string which will be needed to run web methods within the API

Syntax and Examples

Restful syntax with Microsoft Visual Basic

Example 1

There is no restful call for this SOAP Interface operation - use a SOAP method instead

SOAP Syntax with Microsoft Visual Basic

Example 1

    Return w.WebLogonCollectionServer(sUserName, sPassword, sDatabase, sIP, sCollectionServerName, sDNS, lPort, sScheme, sNonce, datNonce)

AMSX Syntax

Example 1

AMSX is an internal language and does not need to access web services to execute

XCS Syntax

Example 1

XCS access the server through a web browser. API calls can be executed directly from API Commands using Server.API, Server.Save and Server.SaveSpecial

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