Barcoding and Barcode Scanners
For asset tracking
Integrate with existing barcode equipment or use an off the shelf solution
Supports multiple audit types including blind audits, change audits and receiving



xAssets Solutions carry options for barcoding which include Handheld Barcode Scanners, Keyboard Scanners and RFID Integrations. We can integrate with existing hardware or we can supply a turnkey solution with Handheld Barcode Readers and Software fully integrated.

Each module contains a default configuration for the scanning processes which can be adapted to the customers business. Blind Audits, Walkabout Audits, Receiving, Deployment, Move and Change Processes can be covered and additional processes can be added through configuration. Each audit history is maintained and referenceable from the xAssets browser based software.

Typically an auditor will collect information onto a handheld device or a tablet PC. When the audit is finished the scan records are downloaded and automatically imported into the xAssets Application. The software will then take the Auditor through the exceptions found and allow any modifications or transfers to take place. Audits with Wireless equipment are also possible. In this configuration each scan is fed directly to a holding area in the asset management database. When complete, the auditor can accept or reject changes as needed.

Handheld Location Audits are conducted as follows. Firstly the auditor extracts a CSV, tab separated or other file from xAssets Enterprise and uploads it to the scanner. The auditor visits each location and scans each asset in turn. Any newly discovered assets are entered into the scanner and the scanner software can collect other information such as asset condition, exceptions or other problems. On return the file is taken from the scanner and uploaded to xAssets Enterprise. From there the user can preview the effect of the audit and when satisfied, can commit the audit changes to the database.

Handheld Location Audits and processes for Receiving and Deployment can also be conducted using a Laptop and a keyboard scanner.

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