Bulk Update and Drag and Drop
Enables editing and reclassification of multiple asset records in a single action

Bulk Update and Drag and Drop


Bulk update, bulk disposal, bulk transfer and mass check-in or check-out of groups of assets can be done on the results of any asset search.

Bulk update places the user into the standard asset entry screen, but any fields which are not common to all assets in the list are left blank. If the user changes any fields only those fields are saved. Fields which are different for certain assets in the list are only set if the user put a value in the field.

Bulk disposal supports proper disposal of assets including apportionment of the total disposal cost and disposal sale amount. An option to physically purge asset records from the database is also provided.

Drag and Drop supports the selection of multiple asset records to be reclassified by dragging into the explorer style tree and also support the pasting of multiple assets to quickly create Parent-Child relationships between assets.

En-mass check-in or check-out of assets is done in just two clicks from the asset search results screen.

Further bulk operations can be configured into the product to fit the customers business processes. This can lead to considerable productivity gains when operating with large volumes or data or repetitive tasks.

Configuration Options

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