US Air Force Certification
xAssets is now certified by the US Air Force for use in high security networks
Discover and manage large secure networks with flexible, scalable and easy to use asset management software
Manage all kinds of assets with a deeply configured solution surrounding your detailed requirements

US Air Force Certification - 2018 to 2021


From 9th April 2018, all xAssets Version 7.2 products can be deployed on SIPRNET and NIPRNET to fulfil complex requirements or very large database implementations centered around IT Asset Management, Fixed Asset Management or other Asset-Centric requirements.

The testing process is both detailed and comprehensive with a total time span of 14 months. It covers all possible ways to secure a product from hacking, data theft, injection and similar risks relevant to high security web applications and database applications.

Testing Process

The testing process includes the follow security aspects

  • Server Security
  • Communications Security
  • Authentication
  • Cookie Security
  • Exposure of information likely to be useful to hackers
  • Cross site scripting vulnerabilities
  • Code, command, script and Sql injection
  • Best practice in development management, code security and code signing
  • Security risks
  • Use of vulnerable open source and older published products
  • Unnecessary exposure of paths and URLs
  • Secure use of webservices
  • Facilities management and property management
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