Email Connectivity and Notifications
Raise alerts periodically or on a record save
xAssets business rules support automated generation of emails to any recipient based on any database query
Email volume is kept to a minimum through consolidation of alerts

Email Connectivity and Notifications


All xAssets Products include a comprehensive Integration Toolkit called the Data Transformation Wizard. A "transformation" is a means of importing, exporting, cleaning, manipulating, recognizing or generating data from one or more data sources to a target data source. Those data sources can be external systems, the xAssets database, or Emails generated based on tables and HTML templates.

Transformations can be fired on a record save, on demand from a menu item, or on a scheduled basis. And since transformations are usually run by a Windows Service, there are no permissions issues as would normally be expected in a browser based application.

This enables Email alerts to be fired directly on a record save, on demand by a user, or periodically on a scheduled basis. Examples:

  • Send EMails when a User Installs a Piece of Software on a discovered computer
  • Send EMails when a PC's memory is reduced
  • Alert a Technician when a Help Desk Incident has been assigned to him
  • Alert a Caller when a Help Desk Incident has been resolved
  • Receive alerts when a software license is becoming close to "UnderLicensed" status
  • Receive alerts when an exception is highlighted in the risk management applications
  • Receive alerts when an asset which is part of a critical application becomes unavailable
  • Notify Managers when Approval for a Process is required
  • Assemble other processes including Maintenance, Obsolescence, Service Management and Risk Management

Configuration Options

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