Asset Containment
Use parent-child relationships to specify asset interdependencies
Facilitates risk management and SOA architecture
Enables inter-asset and component relationships

Asset Containment


Containment and Inter Asset Relationships are Supported within xAssets Solutions through Parent-Child Relationships with multiple dependency types and supporting business rules

Uses of containment includes the following automatically discovered and created relationships for xAssets Network Discovery 7:

  • PC to Monitor relationship
  • VMWare Server Host to VMWare Server Guest relationship
  • Sql Server Instance to Host Server relationship
  • Software License Assignment to Specific PCs

And containment is also typically used to represent further relationships including the following:

  • Contracts and the Assets the Contract Covers
  • Leasing Contracts and the Assets the Lease Covers
  • SOA interdependencies for ITIL based installations, covering Services, Applications, Users and Configuration Items
  • Parent Child relationships for spare parts and replacement parts deployed onto live assets
  • Backup and Failover interdependencies
  • Other Inter-Asset Dependencies
  • Relationship between Live Asset and its assigned Standard Build Template Assets
  • Peripherals
  • Containment

Assets can contain other assets or can be related in other ways such as "is peripheral for" or "is backup for".

This feature combines with xAssets Enterprise Importance Ratings which allows the analysis of business dependence on specific assets against the disaster recovery backup plans which have been implemented.

For accounting purposes the approach taken is to account for each asset separately regardless of its container.

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