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Configuration and Custom Solutions

xAssets software solutions can be modified from the out of the box system to meet any requirement without losing upgradeability. This may include minor reconfiguration of dashboards, forms, queries, reports, menu items, user portals, integrations and security settings, or it may cover configuration of new functionality specifically required by the customer. Most configuration can be done from the browser based user interface without programming knowledge.

All xAssets solutions are built from one underlying technology, the xAssets Platform. This platform provides a web services based API, a dedicated scripting Language, a configurable browser based application client, technologies for discovering IP based assets and configuration capabilities to build virtually any asset management system. Custom solutions can be built by reusing the functions already created within xAssets solutions or from an empty database.

Solutions developed using this technology can continue to be extended after they have gone into production.

Possible applications for this technology include the following:

  • Extend the xAssets IT or Fixed Asset Solutions to meet Enterprise Requirements
  • Create Service Management based applications for specialised service companies
  • Help Desk and Tracking Applications
  • Centralized Data Warehousing applications based around Asset data
  • Radio Management
  • Alarm Management
  • Crime Scene and Evidence Management
  • Subjects at Risk and Risk Management
  • Munitions and Explosives Management
  • Customer Portals for Asset based Services

Customers can pull functionality from our existing solutions or create new functionality as part of the configuration process.

All configuration is done through the user interface.


  • The resulting solution closely fits the customers requirements
  • Costs are considerably lower than equivalent Enterprise Solutions in these sectors
  • System can continue to be developed when in production
  • Adhoc querying is unlimited
  • End users can create reports and queries
  • Rapid development tools enable quick changes in the case of M&A or other business change

Configuration Options

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