Data Quality
Clean, recognize and manipulate data as part of the integration processes and business rules
Powerful recognition engine allows the recognition of any kind of data
Data cleansing can be done automatically or as part of a manual process

Data Quality


One of the fundamental cornerstones within the xAssets Application Quality Framework is its implementation of measures designed to optimize data quality.

The xAssets Data Model is a fully normalised Sql Server database with all possble database integrity constraints already in place. This ensure that business rules are fully enforced and that separated or orphaned data cannot exist.

The xAssets Data Transformation Wizard incorporates options which enable corporations to manipulate data as part of integration process or as part of the business rules invoked when any record is saved.

  • Recognize any kind of data using recognition lookup tables
  • Apply any kind of Data Translation Scenario
  • Implement business rules which match your exact validation requirements
  • Transform data from multiple applications into a single repository
  • Import recognition data from web services such as IEEE Mac Address and Cisco recognition data

The Data Transformation Wizard also plays a role in business rules which can be enforced when a record is saved or when data is loaded. This can include validation against disparate systems, specification of complex business rules and validation scenarios and the firing of reports, emails and warning messages to ensure that the current user or other users are made aware of important changes to data.

Configuration Options

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