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Next Steps

Installation Key : copy this key to clipboard

The installer will download to your browser, run the setup program to continue

If the web facing IP address of the installer machine is different, use the installation key above to install it


Results will appear here. See example results


  • To discover the computer you are using, leave the box blank
  • To discover the computer and it's local network, enter a * in the box
  • To discover a specific computer, enter its computer name or IP address
  • To discover an IP range use one of the following:
  • - this will discover to
  • will discover the same range as above
  • Separate ranges or computer names with commas, e.g.,,JOES-PC

How does it work ?

  • Works with Windows 10 or any version of Windows Server
  • Installs a discovery process, then your PC or the devices requested are discovered
  • Discovery normally takes only a few seconds
  • The results are automatically uploaded to this web page
  • Then you can download the result or send them to an xAssets instance

Installation on one computer allows discovery of other devices on the same network. Discover all Windows PCs, Apple, Network Equipment, Linux, Unix and other SNMP/SSH equipment, and then provide you with a database of assets which you can browse through in many different ways

Is it Secure ?

All executables used on your network are security certified by the US air force

The service downloads an executable to your computer, to discover computers and send data back to here

xAssets does not store the information discovered by this service, unless you decide to push the data to an instance

All communications are via SSL, so the data is transmitted to this browser securely

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