Planned Maintenance
Assign multiple maintenance schedules to assets based on time, mileage, output, wear or usage
Generate and assign work orders based on requirements
Increase reliability and cut costs through effective planned maintenance

Planned Maintenance


xAssets Planned Maintenance is a configurable framework for Generating Planned Maintenance and Unplanned Maintenance Work Orders in production environments. This product is an "add-on" to the Fixed Asset Management product.

The engine is designed to work with any customer requirement, and so Work Order Generation can be based on customized schedules and even on programmable scripts to apply complex business rules.

xAssets Enterprise can take inputs from sensors and other applications, enabling true measurement of the throughput, mileage, vibration, usage or consumption of a parameter of an Asset, or the Asset itself.

The system supports irregular maintenance schedules as well as schedules based on industry standard scenarios.

  • Generate Work Orders in advance to see resourcing requirements for each Work Centre
  • Send EMails when Work Orders are assigned or generated
  • Automatically assign Work Orders based on recognition and business rules
  • A Work Centre per Location concept for engineering groups with the same qualifications
  • Disallow closure or reroute tasks which were not completed, according to requirements
  • Easy functions to deploy single or multiple service plans to groups of assets
  • Technicians can log in from a web browser to update Work Order progress
  • Supports Conditional Work Flows to follow Work Order routing Business Rules
  • Build complex schedules based on sensor feeds and integration to other systems

Configuration Options

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